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OH NOES! WHAT THE HECK, LJ? (aka SisterRed muffed up again)

This morning I marked 5 comments in my inbox to be deleted - and LJ deleted 900.


Granted that solves my problem of having 900+ entries in my inbox but that wasn't what I wanted it to do! That 900 included some lovely recent PM's & conversation from y'all I'd been saving on purpose, birthday listings, how-to advice. In fact it deleted EVERYTHING except stuff I'd red flagged as "important" - about 21 comments.

(ok so maybe the fault isn't with LJ; maybe I clicked on a box that said "delete all" without paying proper attention. I am woman enough to admit it. albeit in small font.)

Damnity damnity damn damn it.
Holy shit, batman! This is not good.

I wish I had better computer knowledge, but i really don't know how to recover stuff like that (we don't have a "deleted" box on LJ, huh? It's a helpful little device for when we fucketh upeth)

Damn. Sorry. I offer cake, tea and sympathy
Damn. Sorry. I offer cake, tea and sympathy

Tea, cake and sympathy are always cheerfully and gratefully accepted, ma'am!
EEEEEEK! Oh to the no! You have my deepest sympathy because that sucks dead bears!

because that sucks dead bears!

WHOA - now that sounds a LOT more painful than losing 900 replies - really puts things into perspective! *snicker*

Ouch. That's awful.

Have you tried contacting LJ support? I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, they have some way of restoring deleted comments...
Have you tried contacting LJ support? I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, they have some way of restoring deleted comments..

And suddenly I imagined the world imploding - and laughed my ass off.

I could try to contact them but I don't expect much And honestly? maybe it's not so awful? Maybe I just needed to let all that stuff go? IDK
I'm so sorry! I hope somehow you are able to retrieve it. How does one get 900 entries?? *mind boggles*
Um, the same way one gets 800+ icons? by being a ADD-addled spaz with depression and epilepsy who talks to much and then can't keep up with the responses, but feels guilty about deleting anything I haven't responded to? (So, also a touch of a pack rat.)

Which makes me sound weirder than even I think I am. Hmmm...

Oh, may I ask you a really good source for a beginner to learn how to do layers? Kwritten said ipiccy's similar to PS in that regard and she had experience with PS but I don't, so when I look up how to do layers the tutorials I see online are already above my head (vector mask? WTF?) or all use PC's which don't have the same menus. I'm starting to feel super-frustrated because I have ideas for art I want to do and can't yet. I need hand-holding, any ideas pretty please?
I looked on the instructions at Ipiccy and it looks doable. Do you use an Apple computer rather than a PC?

I looked on youtube and found a video about cutting out images here:


I searched for Ipiccy layers. I kind of get it. Don't let the term vector mask throw you. It is just a way of starting with some random shape like a circle and then configuring it to fit the shape you want to cut out.

How did you get that rose in the picture that you put over Buffy's face? Because you must have had 2 layers there, right?

Or here's a tutorial about adding a logo. That's using 2 pictures to create 2 layers.


I'm going to get on Ipiccy and see for myself
Could everything be saved in your email? Try searching "livejournal" and see if anything comes up. I've found ancient comments and pms saved in my mail account.
No I don't have things copied to my email - I did at first and changed the settings because it was too much stuff in my email inbox. In a way though maybe it's a relief? All that stuff filling my inbox and me feeling anxious about it. Maybe this will open up some mental space (said the fox as she sulked away from the vinyard.)
What kind of balls? Fish balls? Grizzly bear balls? Beach balls? Size does matter you know.
(I could go all day with this. *lol*)


Thanks sweetie!
Yikes! But on the bright side, I thought I was the only one who saved comments :P
Well then I don't feel so alone anymore either, yay for mutual eccentricity! (Or inability to organize, whichever.)