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infinitewhale and I were discussing Get it Done and he made a comment that I just HAD to do something with.  And since I'm in a somewhat snarky mood anyway thanks to current life circumstances (getting laid off with no notice oh thank you very much please kick me in the ass a little harder won't you sir?) I decided to let it rip.
Warnings for - I guess if you're a fan of anybody except Buffy? IDK.

I honestly think half the reason I kind of love S7 is it's so much freakin' fun to make fun of.

OMG I got a Charles Kane gif? I HAVE ARRIVED! *LMAO*

Also, your Spike?GiT icon is AWESOME - did you make it?

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I kinda think that Buffy was so rude and cruel about Chloe's suicide because she was super-stressed and super-in charge of every fucking thing. Nobody shared that level of responsability. I wish that Willow would be more in charge (But I understand why she wasn't) because I don't think that she could have possibly relied on someone else. (Spike always followed her like the best soldier, but he was recently crazy and souled so no leadership decisions on that front)

Poor general!Buffy. So underestimated. I love her.

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I think the writing did the other characters a huge disservice in order to get from point A to point B, especially the female characters. The first half of the season had a lot of interaction between Buffy, Willow, Anya, and it seemed like it was going to get back to the feeling of friendships and sisterhood of S5.

But weirdly enough, on the way to a message about metaphorical "female solidarity" it pitched actual connections between actual female characters out the window.

Poor general!Buffy. So underestimated. I love her.

I just want to give her a hug and a hot meal, order her to get some sleep, a spa and a therapist.
And give her shin guards.

- (Anonymous)
Do you know when you'll be posting the fic?

Maybe I hang around the wrong places but I really am surprised there isn't more S7 fix it fics beyond the usual "Buffy needs to realize sooner how much she really loved Spike/Angel/Faith/Giles/Xander/Clem" (ok, I'm joking about Clem. Maybe.)

Speaking of fics - how is the Giles as Big bad fic coming along?

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You know I do try to remember that none of these kids has any real guidance at that point.

do you wanna kick my ex-boss? cause I'd let you.

ETA: I am so in love with that Buffy icon you're using you have no idea. I didn't see a credit on your userpics page, does that mean you made it? Cause it's gorgeous.

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And here I thought Willow was the one who was handy with a shovel...



"wipes screen*

Oh my goodness I never even thought of that. I AM NOT WORTHY!

ETA: Actually Willow wasn't handy with a shovel was she? She was handy with threats.

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