Buffy Casablanca Poster poppy wreath  RS

Sister Red Futzed Up

 Thank you so much to everyone who left feedback on my entries for btvsats20in20! Every little morsel is reallly appreciated. (debris4spike is a Feedback Goddess. Just sayin') And btw, it's ok to leave me constructive criticism and say "it's not all that."  I'm feeling very loved up and appreciated right now, and after all the time spent on these icons, it was well worth it for the hugs and puppies.

Unfortunately, I futzed up a bit; bangel_4e informed me that two of my entries, NS+Mono and AC 1 were not qualified. NS+Mono has black in it in addtion to brown, so not really mono; and Comics and AC1 are too similar to each other.  So these two:


have been switched out for these:


Because no way in all of creation was I jettisoning my Comics entry.

#3 is a last minute reworking of #1. It is what it is, you know?  #4 OTOH was going to be my entry in the blending catagory until I replaced it with the Buffy/bot & The First Icon. I was trying to get as seamless a blend as I could with ipiccy (which is to say, not very). It's a meta commentary on the similarities between Cave!Buffy in Beer Bad and the newly-resurrected Buffy in Bargaining. I'm not sure that comes across but I really like the expressions, and some of the better movie poster art of the '80s I grew up with.

I could have replaced #2 with another variation of that image from the Chain (and oh goodness do I love #2) but I'd regretted jettisoning #4 the first time, so lemons out of lemonade.

If you've already been over to look at my entries, please have another peek and tell me what you think. Good decisions? Bad?