Summers Family Portrait S5 RSD

My entries for Round 1 of btvsats20in20, plus extras: (The not really-real) Buffy Summers

ETA: bangel_4e notified me that my original entries for NS+Mono and Artists Choice 1 were not qualified so I've switched them out. Let me know what you think.

My first-ever 20in20 entries for Round 1 of btvsats20in20 were inspired by the Jo Chen's Cover art for "The Chain"; so I decided to claim Buffy Summers as my subject (no surprise) but with a twist: the "not really-real" versions that populate the Buffyverse: impersonators, dopplegangers, alt universe versions; Buffy reimagined in her own and in other people's dreams.

All icons made by me in ipiccy and Photobucket. Many thanks to bangel_4e and spikesredqueen for their patient and tireless hand-holding.


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10 Themes
Strong Favorite Moment NS+Monochrome Comics Blending
Earth Tones Provided Texture Ex.Close Crop Smile Focused
Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5

Alts and extras to be posted separately.

WANT? TAKE, HAVE, ENJOY! - But give proper credit always!
DO NOT alter, claim as your own or repost to other websites without my permission.
If you snag an icon, letting me know is always appreciated. Feedback feeds the savage fan artist.

OMG thank you! I'm bowing very very low so you can't see how deeply I'm blushing.

Just one thing - I hit the post button too soon and had to edit the entire post, so you might want to glance at it again, I don't know if you saw the correct entries or not.
I like the Earth Tones one and the fifth artist choice.

Thank you! Both were among the first ones I did for this set, and AC5 was literally the last entry I chose.
These are excellent and great batch for your first entry at a 20in20!

My faves are ex close crop, strong, smile, focused, cat 1, 2, & 5, and ac 2, 3, and 5! Great work!!!!
Amazing is all I can say!

Strong is great - even though you can't see Buffy's face you can feel that stake going in.

Wow - what a brilliant concept for the NS/Monochrome ... I love it.

I don't think I have even seen that fractured effect that you used in Comics ... the image itself shows a "fractured" Buffy, so well worked. I love the contrasting pink colour of the lines.

That's a great font |(and use of it) in Earth Tones. I love the 50:50 crop as well.

The texture image - wow, that looks as if it took forever to make, yet is very effective.

I love the cut highlight on the B&W of extreme crop ... beautiful cropping ... such a sad image of our heroine, but beautifully tackled.

I love the soft colouring you have achieved in Focus ... again it has a lovely crop.

In the Cat's I love 1, 3, 5 ... such a great range of tonal feelings, but I love the image you chose for #2

Wow, great AC's ... I really love 3, 4 & 5 ... the colouring is stupendous!! AC4 is an amazing image, that I keep going back to look at. AC5 has just an amazing quality to it - both in the choice of image and then the colouring ... such a soft overall glow to it.

They are great - I am so pleased you did them ... and think I might as well withdraw mine from voting!!

Well done.
and think I might as well withdraw mine from voting!!

First things first - THERE WILL BE NO SUCH TALK IT WILL NOT DO *HUGS* (of course you're joking but still...*more hugs*)

When I asked for feedback I never imagined anything so wonderfully detailed as this THANK YOU so much sweetie! I have to go to work this weekend and don't have time to reply but I'm printing this out so I can read it during the day.

I love the comics one as well - so so much. Discovering the "photo collage" effect in ipiccy was like opening a door for me in terms of what I can do with icons.

I had to switch out AC1 and revised NS+Mono, I don't know if you've seen the new ones.

Oh, wow, the comics one is so awesome (and the variants too)! ;)
Thank you! The comics ones are two of my favorites I've ever done - I have more variants, but discovering the photo collage effect in ipiccy was like being handed the key to a door I'd never been able to open before. And it's a gorgeous image to start with anyway,
You should totally read The Chain. It's the best issue ever.

This time I think that the white and black icons are the best. Especially Cat 1, 2 and 5. Also focused is very very pretty, I love the profile, and AC2 is maybe my favorite.

I can't wait to see the extras.
I'll have to keep my eyes open for it, thanks for the rec, and thank you for the feeback, sweetie!

I think you'll like some of the extras; your favorites in the B/W catagory are my favorites too. I debated for the longest time about putting the Amends icon with the NA ones but it just came out so beautifully - her hair and skin are so luminous. The color versions are just as beautiful. (I did some more from Amends I'm eager to show off.)

I'm glad you like focused, I really worked a lot on that one and worried it was too grainy. But sarah has such a fascinating face to play with, like a lady in a 15th century italian portrait.
These are gorgeous! I particularly like the coloring in the Artist's Choice ones, and the fractures in the Comics and Blended ones.
Thank you! I'm surprised at how my first ten entries tended toward earth tones because I love richly saturated colors, as you can tell by the AC ones.

and the fractures in the Comics and Blended ones.

Thank you! I made the blended one at almost the last minute and I was really nervous about that one, I worried it was too unsophisticated - I had a couple of other ones for the catagory, but that icon just popped when I put it in the template table.

And the effect in the comics icons is photo montage in ipiccy - the day I first did that I felt like someone had handed me the key to a door I'd never been able to open before. And it was exactly what I wanted to emphasize the fracturing of identity and personality. Fun.

How are things going with your Summer of Giles fic, isn't tomorrow the deadline? Have you submitted it?
Snagging AC#5 for realsies.

Edited at 2014-06-07 06:09 am (UTC)

I worked so hard on that TYG icon sweetie (I call her La Belle Dame Sans Merci after Keats' poem) and made so many tries that I tossed out you have no idea how happy I am that you snagged it. By all means, and with my blessings and hugs.

I have no idea why there aren't more icons of those two episodes. That dream sequence alone has so many stunning images to play with.
Amazing entry! These are really great and I'm glad you made it!
My favourite ones are: strong, monochrome, comics (awesome effect!), extreme close crop, smile, cat 1-2-5 and ac 1-2-5. <3
Thank you sweetie! The comics one is my favorite too - I made the comics series before I had decided to enter and that was the ONLY icon in the set that I was going to enter come hell or high water.

Amazing, wonderful entry hon!!! I absolutely love ns+monochrome (I love the texture used here), comics (so creative), extreme close crop, smile, cat 1-3 and all the ac ones..especially 1 with the blending..great work!
I love your theme- very interesting!

My favorites are extreme close crop, focused, cat 1 and ac 2 :D
Excellent idea with the claim, and these look great! I love strong, NS + monochrome, comics, earth tones, smile, cat 1, cat 2, cat 5, ac 1, ac 2 and ac 5 :)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate you stopping by to look and comment! A lot of these were a joy to make.
These are all so creative! I like Comics the best because it's really cool. :D