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She's Come Undone (pt 3): Oh so THAT'S why I'm freaking out...

bangel_4e very kindly extended Round 1 of btvsats20in20 from June 4th to June 7th (midnight our time respective time zones).

Thank goodness, because I need 20 icons....I have about 69. Not counting the 40 or so I already deleted or moved to another folder. I completely scrapped the blending ones I did yesterday due to extreme suckage (and not the fun kind either.) My "smile" icon also sucks goose eggs and needs to be scrapped. In fact, I suddenly loathe a whole bunch of them because all I can see is the flaws. I know this because I've been staring at them - too long. And too closely.  (I'm pretty sure staring at the icons with my eyeball about an inch or two away from this little screen would explain my headache. Or it could be martians changing the radio frequency, but whateve.)But my ladylove took the wireless keyboard to work and left me with her older, slower "hey honey I don't think you've got enough files crammed on this thing" laptop instead. Which is slower and harder on my eyes, and doesn't allow me the same control that I'm used to in terms of the "mousepad" vs the mouse. (I can see why some people get those stylus pads that allow them to "draw".) And she's got it set up so the menu bar at the top plays "peek a boo" with me.

In fact, PB won't even show the image when I try to crop it. It won't let me do much of anything today. But I don't know if it's PB or if it's the laptop....*le sigh*

Sure, take away my french easel and my 100% Kolinsky sable hair size 1 brush with a brass ferrule and leave me with a used card table and the cheapest brush in the craft store. Take away my Corvette and leave me with a Datsun. Then take away the Datsun and leave me with a horse-drawn wagon - and then take away the darn horses. Eh, thanks anyway, I'll walk instead.

Also, I haven't kept up with any other icontest challenges currently, and I'm woefully behind in wishing angearia, teragramm, chic_c and leni_ba very, very happy birthdays.

I'm also woefully behind in in posting my own icons from recent challenges; in keeping up with the latest challenges; thanking everyone who voted my This Year's Girl icon "Best Crop" in slayerstillness challenge #24, in thanking tempertemper for the marvelously electrifying - pun completely intended - banner; and in giving a shout out to all the other winners as well as few personal faves. What a marvelous batch of entries.

*guilt sets in*
I have to laugh at myself now. I do sound whiny, don't I? And children are starving in Africa - princess problems. Ah, I just came back from a couple of hours gardening, it puts things in perspective.

Also, my ladylove brought back the keyboard! (I hope she doesn't want it back *runs and hides*)
Thank you for the birthday wishes and again congrats on the award. I do think you did a brilliant job on that icon!
Oh my goodness thank you again, hon. I really do need to get a blushing icon because I am right now. (Isn't it always the case that the best things are often the least worked; and the harder I work on an icon the worse it turns out? At least for me that's the case.)
Wow, that was definitely a deserved award, what a fabulous shot! ;)
Thank you so much! That was actually one I was trying to make for an otherworldlyrics challenge at the same time and couldn't get the text to work; I decided I liked it better without. the image was terrific, I didn't have to do much of anything at all.
Beautiful icon, so simple but very touching. I'm glad it won. (Also great icons the other winners like the Willow ones and the Bangel ones)

I understand nothing about the technicalities of making an icon but I'm happy that there will be more.
I'm glad folks liked it sweetie! That was really an astonishingly good round. I loved the icons I submitted (the Spuffy icons were so much fun to make) and then I saw the other entries and - whoa. Rua's Willow icons and Temper's Bangel icons were definitely amoung my favorites but there were so many wonderful ones.

And I remember ten years ago I had no idea what an icon even was (I was on a Nicole Kidman fanboard, and we tended to refer to them as avatars or "avis" more often than icons. ) I had to ask someone to make me one because I had no clue about them! I still am in awe of people who do photoshop and gimp and the really detailed, advanced technical work. I'm just learning!

Oh one more art for you if you're not tired of them yet - I couldn't erase the line on this one without looking worse so I left it in:
Wow - well done, never thought that was yours ... it's am amazing crop. Although thinking about it I know you have said about hands and their use in the BtVS story.

LOL - I guessed you would have loads of alternatives - maybe that's where my icons aren't as great ... but easier as I only make one at a time!! Good luck with the rest of the work.
Oh I thought the coloring and framing device made it completely obvious it was mine! True story: I looked at the entries and assumed I wouldn't win anything except maybe, maybe best crop.

I know you have said about hands and their use in the BtVS story.

It just occured to me today that "hands" would be a great theme for me to claim in a future 20 in 20 because there are so many great images: Buffy's dreams of Angels hand's turning to sand or bleeding; holding and fighting; hugging; Faith and Buffy in TYG/Who are You; Willow/Tara in Hush, Glory and tara in Tough Love, etc etc.

BTW - I was pretty certain the Willow icon from NA #1 was Rua's, but I think it made a great parallel to the one you did for btvs_hush - similar coloring, yours was about seeking knowledge, blossoming or unfolding outward, her's was about willful or imposed blindness, refusing to see, retreating. but there were so many great ones. I voted your giles icon best color but I could have split that vote five ways. And all of temper's Bangel icons - lovely!

maybe that's where my icons aren't as great


The important thing is one good icon, well-made. Your Beer Bad icon, for instance - I'm trying to figure out how to make room to snag it because it's perfect, no variations needed. Same with the Servalan icon I snagged, or your Buffy in Selfless icon, etc. That to me is the thing I want to learn, to make something and be able to say "done", know when it's right and move on.

If playing with color variations is something you want to do by all means do so - and your work so far proves that your art teacher was speaking out his bottom all those years ago. Don't let the words of a moron stop you!

I had over 100 icons in my folder this morning for the 20 in 20, I've pared that down considerably and deleted a lot. It's easy for me to get caught up in the giddiness of playing with effects and color variations. Sometimes it does yield positive results (some of my moulin rouge icons, the Buffy artworks I've just posted) and other times I look at what I've done and realize I've achieved quantity over quality.

There is one variation of the icon of Faith's hand. A lot of my icons are one-and-done, and I'm trying to be sterner with myself.
Congrats on winning best crop. That was an excellent icon. :)

Good luck with your 20in20. Sorry you have to deal with a shitty laptop. :/
Thanks sweetie! I thought it might maybe win Best Crop just because it's an unusual image.

It's funny I was grateful to have that laptop back in September after the fire and now it's like, how in the world did I ever do anything with it? I'm back on the desktop now, thank goodness!
You're welcome! I've been meaning to do that forever but life keeps getting in the way. I need to properly pimp your latest drabbles (Angel growling about using their skins as a rug and Buffy just rolling her eyes - too funny!)
Thank you, sweetie! I had a very lovely birthday visiting family. I'm actually away on vacation catching up with my dad on the farm in Minnesota.

I absolutely love that icon. Of course, it won! It's just gorgeous. It sounds like you're having fun (and frustration, but that's part of getting to the fun, right?) with making icons. Loving the results!
Oh goodness hello, you!

It sounds like you're having a marvelous time; what sort of farm does your family have? Are you all done with uni yet or just the semester?

And thanks ever so much for the compliment sweetie! I'm happy with how that one came out too.

Fun and frustration in equal measure, oh yes indeed. I'm back to 100 icons of Buffy and I only need 20. *lol*
Aw, thanks hon! I thought it might get best crop, but I wasn't invested in that happening, you know? This was such an amazing batch of entries. (I thought one of the Spuffy ones might get more interest than they did. I chuckled like anything making a Broken Halleluliah - I had a blast trying out new effects.)

I'm not going to enter the current round and I don't have time to enter any other challenges until I get this 20in20 out of the way. What about you?
Congratulations dear! A wonderful icon indeed! \o/
And thank you so much for the b-day wishes, I try to "forget" about it but I'm happy when friends remember. :D
I hear your pain with the stress of working on an uncooperative machine, a certain cause of headache. :(
Now off to comment on your 20in20. :)
And thank you so much for the b-day wishes, I try to "forget" about it but I'm happy when friends remember.

I hear you! I used to love getting attention on my birthdays, now I'm torn between enjoying the attention like a child, and not wanting anyone to know.

And thanks for the compliment to my icon!

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