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Voting Finally up for Otherworldlyrics Challenge 172! (And - stuff)

ETA stunning icons by spikesredqueen, valyssia, and oh_cheezit. I forgot to add them last night. Horrible oversight on my part.

Let's pretend I'm feeling witty at the moment (which I'm not, I'm a bit tired from working today) so:

Was that too obnoxious?  Anyhoodle, there are 13 worthy entries in this long-delayed challenge - show them some love!  (I'm dying to know who created what.)

dragonydreams posted Challenge #173, "You Will Never Be Alone" (not to be confused with a Rogers and Hammerstein tune):

Didn't I tell you
When I met your eyes
That I never need to look away
From who you are inside.
And didn't I show you
When I held your hand
That my heart will always linger
Even when my body can't

This is giving me so many FEELS (translation: ideas for icons). This is gonna be such fun!

FYI: You may have noticed my new default icon by spikesredqueen. I'd been wanting a "smile" icon to add to my userpics for the longest time; something that conveyed happiness, joy, contentment, pleasure, but somewhat different to my Dead Things laughing icon (which is more of a *lol* giggle-snort).  I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it; how could I not? When I look at it, it makes me smile and makes me want to be a bit more cheerful, or make my posts a little sunnier.  I even changed the subtitle of my journal because as much as I love "the penetrating wound", it simply did not suit the new icon.

I still adore the incredibly elegant and dreamy one I snagged from valyssia, but wanted to switch it out for a bit; I imagine I'll go back and forth between them.

The many moods of Buffy: icons by spikesredqueen, valyssia and oh_cheezit

I've also snagged one from oh_cheezit in a very different tonal key - the central image is from Buffy vs Dracula, examing the bite marks left on her neck. Mysterious, it feels like it could be part of a larger poster or banner, something made for a piece of fanfiction, a world unto itself.
Indeed they do! I just saw the winners have been posted. I'll do a post about it soon because I was really jazzed by a lot of the entries, So much wonderful work.

FYI: I added the icons by spikesredqueen, valyssia and oh_cheezit to this post; I didn't put them up last night. Oops.
Voted! I love the three icons you put here. They are all gorgeous.
I really do, sweetie. I had been wanting that exact icon for ages. If I had commissioned one it couldn't have been more perfect.

Especially when I'm feeling down in the dumps, it's a little dose of sunshine.
I voted and created an icon for the next OWL challenge. PROGRESS!

In other news, I love your happy Buffy icon. spikesredqueen did a gorgeous job on it.
I voted and created an icon for the next OWL challenge. PROGRESS!

YAY!!! I can't wait to see it!

I'm working on some things for btvsats20in20 - I just signed up! I only have 1 technique to learn but I've already done some things I'm happy with. (blending two or more images together in ipiccy.)

spikesredqueen did a gorgeous job on it.

Didn't she though? :)

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