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Happy Birthday (just a little bit early) to Snogged!

Since I'll be away from the computer tomorrow I wanted to send a card from me, Marshall and Lily wishing the lovely snogged a very happy birthday. Enjoy dinner with your parents sweetie, and all the good things that life has to bring you! Thank you for coming to my journal and commenting, being supportive and loving, bringing your cheer, tenderness and good humor to fandom so readily - and then gifting us with amazing stories that run the gamut from fluffy and hopeful to twisted, painful and darker than pitch. I have no idea how you do it.

Aww! Thank you, sweetie. You're the bestest and I <3 you and Marshall and Lily.

Oh gosh I love you too sweetie! I'm completely honored by your friendship, and that you think I'm worthy of yours, because you're an amazing woman with a tremendous heart.

BTW - I was looking at some very old otherworldlyrics challenges (2008-2009?) and saw some fabulous icons you made. Do you still make icons? I didn't know you did that, they were lovely!
Since I switched from a PC to a MacBook, I haven't actually made any icons. I still have photoshop, but I haven't quite figured out how to use it on the Mac and Macs don't have the convenient slideshow option that Windows/PC offers that makes searching for images and textures easier. I hope to someday get back into it, but it'll take some re-learning. I'm glad you enjoyed what you saw.
OMG I just asked you on your journal why you stopped making them and here you answered me before I'd asked, IGNORE THAT OTHER QUESTION, *lol*

My partner had photoshop on her '08 Mac desktop that burned in the fire; the new Maverick operating system and PS have compatibility issues and it's ridiculously expensive. I hope you find a way to get back into image making.

Well, Nick just introduced me to Adobe Bridge, which essentially does what I relied on my PC for. So that's going to help a lot!
My sweetie has used Bridge for years as an adjunct to PS on her Mac and absolutely relies on it for storage; she has had to reload it a couple of times, so be warned; but other than that she loves its storage and display capabilities. I think you'll really enjoy using it. (Good for Nick!)

It's been years since we switched to Macs from PC's, and for the most part now that I'm used to Mac's I don't miss PC's. I liked Word and Excel more than Pages and Numbers but I just have to learn to use them; and things like "right click" can be set up on our Mac mouse. When I have to use a PC now it seems unbearably slow to me. But there is definitely a learning curve.

I think once you get used to Mac you'll be on fire.

The thing my sweetie needs now is PS or a suitable replacement - the old Mac burned in the fire and PS now has compatibility issues with Mac's maverick OS. So be aware of that with your Macbook.

I never used her PS program so I don't have to worry about that. Anything is a step up for me.