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New voting post for btvs_hush challenge 273 - we all get a second chance

dragonydreams had to repost the voting for btvs_hush challenge 273 because an entrant's icon disappeared. (Because icons will do that to ya sometimes. They're trouble that way. No one ever tells you this stuff until after you become obsessed and addicted and have to be dragged from your computer and forcibly fed....Not that I'd know anything about that *ahem*)

The good news is it's all fixed now at the new post, so if you already voted at the original post, you get to do so again; and if you haven't yet, why not do so now? It only takes a minute. (You're reading this post, you clearly haven't anything better to do. Or you're taking a break from catching up on your fanfic must-read backlist.)

Sunnydale's favorite evil, soulless, murderous and yet fiendishly charming manpires approve of this plan.
Thank you very much! I'm going to play catch up tomorrow - I also want to watch the Illyria vid you just posted (reposted).
I think I know who made the errant icon ... mh. (And btw I love it!)
Thanks! My favorites are the ones I didn't submit for various reasons (ineligible, etc). I think you'll like them even better.
After the challenge winners have been announced, I promise! (If I thought I could get away with it I'd use one in another challenge. Maybe this is a good argument for the 20in20 challenges, you don't have to be anonymous, and repetition comes with the territory.)
Off to vote again - Thanks for the heads-up.

That image of Spike & Angel was a great one to pick for them ... hard to decide how to make an icon ... but, yes, I did do one!
that really was a great image - I'm surprised it wasn't used more.

Oh boy now I'm wondering which one was yours! (There is one I was staring at for the longest time wondering how the artist got a certain effect.) And there are a couple I didn't do that look very much like they could be mine but aren't, so I wonder if anyone will guess wrong.

Hey, maybe this could become a part of these contests - the voter who guesses the most artists correctly wins! *lol*

ETA: Did you notice no one made a Xander-centric icon?

Edited at 2014-05-23 03:07 am (UTC)
Thanks for the update on voting! I did see the post at btvs_hush and was able to submit my votes again. :)