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*Cue Best Barney Stinson Imitation*: Challenge Extended!

dragonydreams is extending otherworldlyric challenge #172 ("Watching Me Fall" by the Cure) for one week due to lack of entries; the new deadline is Friday, May 16th.

Is it awful to admit I was kind of hoping for an extension?  Because I think I could do something with that song:

yeah, i've been watching me fall for it seems like years
watching me grow small, i watch me disappear
slipping out my ordinary world, out my ordinary eyes
yeah slipping out the ordinary me into someone else's life.....

there's a thin white cold new moon and the snow is coming down
and the neon bright tokyo lights flicker through the crowd
i've been drifting around for hours and i'm lost and i'm tired....

Yeah, I think I can do something with this. At least until I give it a go and discover after five hours of effort that I can't. Or that I get this challenge totally mixed up with the slayerstillness challenge due the same day. So many icontests, so little time.

FYI - did you know it's hard to find a really good "Challenge Accepted!" gif? This site for instance has some really good gifs of everything but. Frankly, I'm shocked.

courtesy of reactiongifs.com
I love that song. I was so excited when they use it in Buffy! Almost as much as when they used an X (punk band) song in the X-Files.
I don't listen to songs when dragony posts the challenges (because I'm afraid of being affected by something other than the lyrics: see also the Downtown and Bad to the Bone challenges) but now I'll have to do so I know which episode it was in.

btvs was pretty great when it came to music selection IMO. I assume you're a fan of the Cure; I'm clueless when it comes to punk rock. (Is the Cure punk?)

Thanks for stopping by how are you? I have been a bad friend - have you posted another episode poll?
The Cure isn't punk. They're more of a new wave/goth/emo band, but they've been around long enough to have dipped into a lot of different sub-genres. But, yeah, they are one of my favorite bands.

I'm good, and you are NOT a bad friend! I have been super-busy in real life lately and not doing much online. But I did post another episode poll, which got me on LJ, which got me scrolling through my friends list and leaving comments behind.

But I did post another episode poll, which got me on LJ, which got me scrolling through my friends list and leaving comments behind.

As you know I left a comment (after doing the entropy poll). I really wanted to comment on the NA thread (everything I love and have reservations about re: about S6 - and maybe btvs - right there in one ep, which is one of my top 10.) But I didn't make time to do so and then it seemed too late. *le sigh*

I did not find it by looking at my friends page btw but going directly from your name here btw. I've got to up my game on this stuff!
You'll create something aces and eights, of that I have no doubt!

It means terrific, awesome, fabulous, etc.

It's good to have an official definition straight from the source - in case I ever do get around to doing that fandom dictionary!
It actually predates my involvement in fandom. I've been using it for many, many years.

I've been using it for many, many years.

Oh of course! By fandom dictionary I meant "nifty and useful phrases I've picked up or heard from other buffyverse fans" rather than "phrases that were necessarily invented within the context of fandom". If that makes sense?

And you have a "shifty eyes" icon! LOVE IT!

You know, Barney said that enough that I'm surprised it doesn't exist.

At the same time, though, that is an excellent reaction shot. Mind blown!
Barney said that enough that I'm surprised it doesn't exist.

Once I thought about it, I think I can understand the lack of gifs - it's maybe more subtle, like, there isn't a lot of dramatic facial expression when he says that, it's just that his face sort of lights up. But I didn't even find a non-animated one I liked. Oh well, there's other really wonderful ones at the site I linked to.

Of course THIS will always and forever be my favorite HIMYM moment:

Perfection is perfect.

I am sure you will do some great icons! Looking forward to seeing what is created by everyone!
I am thinking I will, I am going to be looking over both of them tonight and see if I can think of anything to submit :)
I worked on some things today for OWL that may turn out all right . Not masterpieces but the last round, wrapping text around Buffy's hands, the W/T icons, has me playing with text more as a decorative element first (rather than making legibility my only criteria). But SS, IDK yet. I'm trying to see if just playing with icons in general will generate entries for both icontests; usually I keep them separate in my head.