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Slayerstillness: Goest Thou and Vote!

*** Voting for the current slayerstillness icontest challenge # 23 ("Simplicity, it Works for Me") ends TONIGHT, midnight in your time zone.  There are 35 wonderful entries, very very different to each other and as per usual I had an awful time trying to vote. If I could vote five different times I'd probably come up with five different combinations. It's an embarrassment of riches, per usual so thank goddess I can only vote once.

I may have submitted entries - ok enough of the coyness-crap, I submitted entries. I'm really rather happy with what I came up with, but I don't expect to win anything, simply because there are so many icons for voters to chose from. (Which is to say "What? No I'm not at all anxious about the outcome - ok, yes I am slightly anxious about the outcome but I would never ever ever actually admit to it because all the entries are worthy and it's really just a icontest, nothing at stake here and it's foolish to be so petty because...."


I have learned a lesson from this round: submitting icons too early means sitting on my hands like a kid in the backseat during a long road trip ("Are we there yet? Are we there yet?") icontest-style: "Can we vote yet? Have the winners been announced yet? Can I show off my babies yet?"

starry_night has posted the guidelines for challenge # 24, "I'm Talkin' About Freedom": This round will be a free-for-all! That’s right, for this challenge you can icon anything you want from Buffy and/or Angel.

Really? What madness is this?...It's like Kris Kristofferson wrote, "Freedom's just another word for a complete lack of guidelines and absolute anarchy."
Woah! That was a crazy tough choice. There are a lot of stunning entries this round!
Right? So many good ones - and if it's ok for me to say this? - there wasn't for me a sense of ok, these are awful, put those to the side, but THIS is the standout...it's like going to the Met and being asked to vote for the Picasso or the Monet or the Corbet or the Van Dyke or the Frans Hals over all the others and call one "best"....maddening.
I just looked at the entries again and realized there were two in particular that I liked and somehow managed not to cast a vote for. *pout* I'll have to give a shout out to those when I post about mine.
OMG, what truly excellent timing! Email me so I don't forget to email you about some ideas I've been having for themes & characters I'd like to see you explore!

Such fun we are about to have.
Such fun we are about to have.

Really? I'm grinning right now (although maybe I should be frightened? *lol*)

And I'm flattered that you think I'm up to the task! There are more talented artists in fandom out there than I; but I can't ask for a beta Muse.
The funny thing is that when it's a free-for-all I find it harder ... like the AC choices on my 20in20's!

So I have entered the last one, and will probably do something for this ... have to wait and see.

Good luck with your work.
The funny thing is that when it's a free-for-all I find it harder

It's like total freefall, isn't it? I've gotten very very indecisive as I've gotten older, when presented with too many choices.

So I have entered the last one,

Do you mean Slayerstillness or 20in20? Thanks muchly, btw and good luck to yours too! I haven't checked out 20in20 often enough.
There were at least two in this round that I managed not to vote for when I knew I wanted to or thought I had. *ugh*