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Tsunami of Polls: We moved back into the restored apartment....

......and my first "official" act in fandom was to:

.....and my first "official" fandom act was to (check one):

Throw a lesbian orgy and invite my entire flist
Do a marathon watch of Orphan Black
Finish that post on "dead and depressed slayers and vengeage demons" that's been sitting in limbo
Congratulate all the winners of the last round of the Willowy Goodness awards
Waste an entire day making icons for Slayerstillness challenge #23, fail to send my beta a link to the icons and miss the deadline
Spoil my best friend for IWRY because she's writing a novel in which a character respects someone else too much to mindwipe them

And the correct answer is....

[No Fair Peeking Until You've Taken the Poll!]
#5! Yup, a massive, massive fail on my part.  Actually, all of the choices represent a massive fail on my part, except for the last choice for which I DO NOT APOLOGIZE.
(She was mentioning how a character in her new novel has an opportunity to mindwipe the memories of another and doesn't because he respects her too much and it's not what she would want. Also, she just began watching btvs S1 at my urging and is NOT impressed with Angel or Xander. At all.) I actually spent hours making icons for slayerstillness challenge #22 "A Room Full of Emptiness" (Negative Space)" ("Ooh, I can do this one!"); hours dithering over which to chose before deciding to actually ask my beta wickedbish for help; and then failed to send him the link to the Photobucket folder so he could actually see the icons. By the time I figured out my mistake, it was too late to enter the challenge. (And I'm a little pissed at myself, because I think I made some good icons and really enjoyed getting back into the creative flow for the first time in weeks.)

But at least I manage to vote as the deadline isn't until tomorrow (midnight your time) hence still time to vote and pimp it - so there's a penance, at least.

And entries are being accepted for the latest challenge #23 (deadline Friday) so there's lots o' time left to enter. Yup, lots o' time....

The only fail more massive is #4 - I have NOT gotten around to congratulating all the winners of the Willowy Goodness Awards, including velvetwhip, snogged, foxstarreh, clockwork_hart1, tiny_white_hats, and snowpuppies amoung others. Congratulations to all the winners (by which I include "Runners Up" aka the silver and bronze medalists). I actually did vote in that one too and cheese on a cracker did you folks make it painfully hard to choose!

ETA:  ALL credit to the amazing eilowyn for urging me to watch Orphan Black, which I'd never heard of until she mentioned it.

Tags: a tsumani of polls!, comm: slayerstillness, fannishness, form: fanfiction, icon challenge, my flist is awesome, nominations/awards, real life gets in the way, wickedbish
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