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Vote Now at Slayerstillness and Otherworldlyrics icontests!

otherworldlyric  has only nine entries this time around. (You'd think that would make the task of voting easier, right? WRONG.) Lovely entries as always -  the clarity and strength of the imagery is just astonishing to me. This batch is entirely female-centric which is always cause for celebration. And I confess that don't know who most of those characters are, to be honest - and I don't care and don't need to for voting purposes. If the icon speaks to me in some way, that's all I need. And these speak to me - there's no doubt in my mind that these icons capture interesting women who would be worth my while, in a variety of moods and aspects: angst, confusion, courage, determination etc.

In just nine icons. And that's what it's all about for me. There's a particular feeling about this set, as if all nine were made by the same person, or it was a collaborative effort. I had a helluva hard time voting because they look as though they all belong together.

FYI, their next challenge is Barry Manilow's "Mandy".  (Full disclosure- I LOVED that song as a kid. LOVED it. Had the Barry Manilow double-disk greatest hits on vinyl - got it for Christmas in 1979. "Mandy", "Weekend in New England" etc.) Which is a lovely bit of synchronicity because I heard that song on the radio last Saturday and I started jotting down icon ideas.  Hopefully I'll have time to do something for it this week; my sweetie and I are moving back into our renovated apartment this week so its gonna be crazytown in my little world.

The Love Song for A Vampire entries at slayerstillness also feel very much of a piece with each other, except this time there are 30 - count 'em, 30! - entries to chose from. I haven't voted yet. I've tried. I stared at them on Saturday and couldn't make up my mind. Looked at them today and still cannot make up my mind. Hopefully the rest of y'all are more decisive than I am, because voting ends tomorrow night! I think I know who I want to vote for...maybe. Possibly. Until I change my mind again. Oy vey.

I'm surprised that there aren't any Darla entries, and Dru is only shown with Spike, but I have the vampire ladies on the brain quite a bit lately. I think that's due to a wonderful batch of icons by spikesredqueen and two stunning Drusilla portraits by comlodge here and here.  Vampire Willow is well-represented in the icon entries though, along with Vamp Xander - and you may be shocked to know that I heartily approve. As much as I love the ladies, I have no problem admitting that Nicholas' performance as VX was wonderfully sexy (and I don't find NB sexy in general) and creepy and doesn't get nearly it's due.

And in other news - the identity of snowdropsandtigers, who rec'd my blog on tumblr, has been solved. It's the lovely and gracious tigerpetals - who I never would have guessed because we can't have interacted more than twice before this week, but I look forward to chatting with more often. If I don't, however, that's ok too. Knowing that people are reading this, even if I'm not aware of their existence is sobering and suprising and wonderful. When someone recs this site or stops by to say high, that's a huge deal for me knowing that they're enjoying this playspace I've carved out, and feel welcome.

I'm not sure how many of y'all have read gabrielleabelle's meta "On Lurkers" but if you haven't, please treat yourself and do so. It's one of my favorite fandom essays:

"Studies indicate that lurkers make up 90% of online groups. 90%. 90! Peeps, that means for every one person who comments on your fanwork, there's nine others who read/watched/looked at it but didn't say anything."

"I know the general attitude towards lurkers is that they don't matter because they don't contribute. I'd say that they matter because they're the reason we contribute. They don't cease to exist just because you can't see them. They're there. They're consuming. And they're being fans in their own way."

And on the converse side, I often have no idea what to reply to comments.

I hadn't looked at it the other way 'round.

AO3 confuses me and makes me work for the privilege

I did find out today that videos can be posted there, but I've only linked to posts here - the set-up seems terribly complicated to me. I guess I need to look up tutorials?

I do like their philosophy though and the fact that they are willing to fight for the rights of fic authors and therefore deserve our support.

This is interesting - ff.net feels like it's run by machines albeit whimsical ones, and they will throw authors to the wolves. What do the folks at AO3 do to protect authors?

*giggle* for Faith

AO3 - Apparently they will go to bat legally. There is an about us somewhere there. I don't think I found useful how to's though so good luck with that, I did eventually work out how to post an image - you have to do it in code and store the image elsewhere.
I love Faith, and the Buffy and Faith, in S7 so much. But heck, I loved it when Spike and Faith were fighting in Touched. It's all good. S7 needed more Faith, pun completely intended.

you have to do it in code and store the image elsewhere.

And my eyes just glazed over at the mention of "code". I'm such a wimp.
I cheat with the code. Make a post in livejournal with your image, switch to html view and copy and paste the code into your AO3 post - but yeah it's why I don't post there - too much like hard work. :D

And I rather like Faith and don't mind reading a little Spike/Faith. Two of a kind though so they need a grown up to contol the wilder ideas. :D

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I cheat with the code

You know at some point you're the one I'm going to be pestering with how-to questions, right? :P

And I rather like Faith and don't mind reading a little Spike/Faith. Two of a kind though so they need a grown up to contol the wilder ideas. :D

Absolute agreement on the similarities between them. They need Buffy, Buffy needs them; she needs to access (or re-access) "the fire", they need to tamp it down and learn to control it (get ahold of themselves) better. I can see why they had to "hand off" the role of Buffy's primary dark mirror from one to the other in WAY and Faith went on to AtS, because I'm not sure you could have both characters existing in the same space at the same time.

At the other hand it could be done if given some some careful thought. (Hey, I wouldn't mind a threesome with Buffy if it came to that. They are all fascinating characters for me.) *PONDERS*
Lol, ask away. Always happy to share my meagre knowledge.

I can't really see Buffy sharing in a threesome. Be nice though. :D
Oh we can imagine, can't we? Especially now that Buffy is in her 30's and perhaps has "loosened up" a bit. Just a bit. (my personal 30-something Buffy is a glorious woman and a force of nature - albeit with a few perfectly human quirks and flaws.)

Besides, didn't you see my headcanon version of how Glory came to be in my Welcome post? Cordy, Buffy, Faith and Illyria had themselves a foursome and - oops.

(I don't know if you read femmeslash by the way - I'm thinking it's not your thing any more than m/m is mine - but I did once read a terrific post-Chosen story with Kennedy, faith and Buffy. I enjoyed it anyway.)
my personal 30-something Buffy is a glorious woman and a force of nature - albeit with a few perfectly human quirks and flaws.

Yes, I rather like your Buffy and I expect her to be something like that myself. She had a good grounding in how to live life from her mom and even though she's been through a ton of a shit, she's gonna find that grounding coming through and she's gonna listen to it. :D Not sure she'd be sharing girl with my Spike, though, for more than friendships. *grin*

I've not read much femmeslash other than as part of a story that includes Willow. I read a little of valyssia and if I was gonna do the femmeslash I'd start with her as I really like her writing. I'm still stuck on reading Spike and I prefer het actually, so I spend my fanfic reading time on Dark solace or Fanfic.net. I don't like the idea of Buffy in an f/f relationship. Don't know why. But then I don't like Bangel either. I guess I just want her to be with Spike. I've probably never gotten over her leaving him to burn for her. *smile here* I so cried in Chosen.

I've read a few post series fics with Kennedy in them and mostly she is dumped on, sometimes to the point that she is the big bad. Only read a couple where the author has been kind and wrote her nicely. No-one though has ever written her a back story. That's the biggest problem with the potentials - they were all cardboard cutouts in the rush that was the final season.
I've probably never gotten over her leaving him to burn for her.

I think she had to leave him there for the plot to have any significance other than to the Spuffy romance. I love the FLAMEY HANDS OF LOVE as much as the next person, but I think her staying there would have narratively left out any part of her journey as a woman and a slayer except for her relationship with Spike. This show wasn't a Castle, where the entire point was the relationship between the ship. It was an ensemble piece surrounding a star, and in order to bring closure to the star's journey, Buffy couldn't die in the Hellmouth with Spike. He didn't want her to.

I'm bored. Sorry if I got in your grill about this.
I appreciate your comments here Lexi, as usual you express my thoughts better than I could. No apologies!

I think she had to leave him there for the plot to have any significance other than to the Spuffy romance.

*Nods* And this is very true for both of them, to each be "whole and complete" in their own right. (Isn't that the frequent complaint, that Spike needed to be his own man?) The self-styled Big Bad makes a totally unselfish choice, and gets to be the hero. The former creature of Darkness and Death gives the gift of life; and death is her gift in return - a noble, honorable heroic death, rather than an ignoble death at the end of a Slayer's stake in some alleyway.

Buffy understands that because she has been there herself, they are two warriors and heros who understand one another completely. He is in that moment his own man, entirely, and at the same time is completely connected to both Buffy and Willow and the new Slayers via the Slayer Spell that released the power of the amulet (see shooting script).

It's all connected:

"Tell Giles...that this is the work I have to do." (The Gift)

"Gotta do this...Now go!" (Chosen)

Completely parallel events. Both characters are accused of selfishness; both act unselfishly here, helping each other completely rewrite the story of what it means to be a Slayer and a Vampire; and btvs is at heart a story about the stories we tell ourselves tell others and the stories we inherit.

Think of Andrew telling Xander about Anya's death, finally using his imagination & storytelling skills for good. It's all connected.

And don't forget - Joss was told by the networks that they wouldn't extend AtS for one more season without JM on board, so they had to find a plausible way in-story to get him from one story to another. The way they chose is much more heroic and grand than just some lame-ass "oh Buffy and I broke up so I thought I'd come round these parts" or whatnot. We should probably be grateful. *lol*
Lol. I know the feeling and yes agree with you entirely. Hope something exciting comes your way or at least a bit interesting. :D