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Where are my manners? Pt 2: (Belated) Congrats to the Winners of Slayerstillness Challenge #19!

So yesterday I included slayerstillness in the title of my post with the intention of congratulating the winners of the last icontest - and completely FORGOT to mention them in the actual post. But someday - SOMEDAY! -

"At the age of 46 I mastered the secrets of time management, discipline and multiple orgasms - thanks to Cloudburst Laundry Detergent!"

Guilty as charged - no laundry detergent will help with multiple orgasms. Everyone knows that. (Although not laundering may be a decided disadvantage in that department, but never mind.) If anyone knows of one that'll do the job in the other areas though, let me know. *ahem*

So - [Belated] Congrats, hugs and puppies to iconsoleander, teragramm, moriwen1, tempertemper, rua1412, and spikesredqueen!  I meant to offer each winner a basket of kittens but they've already turned into cats.

As always, it was very hard to select "best" in any sense of the word.  What does that word even mean, when there is so much talent on display? I couldn't even decide things like "Best Crop" or "Best Coloring", let alone "Best [Everything Overall]". And please don't ask which I voted for because I honestly don't remember. It's becoming a thing with me and these contests: "I'll vote for A, D, and F - maybe C? No, F. *hit vote button* Oh, NOES! I didn't notice J before! Maybe I should've voted for J? No, B...maybe? Can I vote again?"

Then I wonder why I'm exhausted.

And congrats to everyone who entered this challenge "Rock Your Body" (whole-body images rather than close-up crops). I admit I wasn't inspired by the prompt itself, and too busy getting ready for NYC at any rate. But other people obviously were, and as with OWL's "Downtown" icontest I love seeing what people come up with in those challenges.

Speaking of not being inspired, Challenge 20 is "Love Song For A Vampire" which is pretty self-explanatory. This is another prompt that I admit, I'm not inspired by it - I know the world seems to love vampire characters. And goodness I appreciate Drusilla, Spike, Darla, etc, but not deeply moved to enter this prompt because it's not the same level of love or even emotion of any sort for me, and that has to be there in order to be inspired.  Which means that I can sit this round out for the folks who aremoved and inspired by the vamps of the Buffyverse, and see what lovely things they come up with. And agonize over voting all over again.

Then I'll wonder why I'm exhausted.
I know how you feel because there have been times when I have omitted the name of a dear friend and prodigious talent in my award congratulation posts and I always feel like committing seppuku when I realize.

No, no, don't jump! You mustn't! We need you! I NEED YOU! (What about my needs?)

And oh god, I just remembered that I never wrote congrats to the winners of the last round of the SunnyD awards *hangs head*

I am really curious sweetie - how DO you manage to keep up with it all (with your unique style and aplomb no less)?
I just remembered that I never wrote congrats to the winners of the last round of the SunnyD awards *hangs head*

It's okay. You congratulate all the icon contest winners and that's a void which badly needed filling.

how DO you manage to keep up with it all

I am kind of obsessive. I guess that helps.

You congratulate all the icon contest winners and that's a void which badly needed filling.

I always said I wanted to be a Void Filler *polishes brass plaque* but I imagined it would be more along the lines of "meta" (written essays). But I think a lot of the great stuff has been written already.

And visual fanarts don't get the same amount of love and appreciation as fanfiction, IMO. (Fanvids, for instance, are woefully underrcelebrated.) Which is odd because we have a very visual culture by and large.

I am kind of obsessive. I guess that helps

Don't knock the discipline, time manaagement skills and organization all that requires, and that's no joke! There are those of us here (moi) who envy it - that takes genuine effort and is not to be sneezed at! Obsession can come along for the ride, but if it's at the driver's wheel the result is chaos - and badly mixed metaphors.
You write great meta, too, believe me!

I agree that the artists don't always get their due. I try to make sure to show them love whenever I can.

You are a dear, dear heart and far too kind.

I try to make sure to show them love whenever I can.

Your links lists are a real gift to the community! (as are su_herald's.)

The creativity in ALL media is just one of the things that makes this fandom so rich and endlessly fascinating.

Was last year's AoL just fiction? I think it was.

Would there be any interest in having art, icon and video catagories for AoL the way they do for the Wicked Awards (just not as many, obviously)? Since there is only 5 slots per catagory it wouldn't be as *ahem* overwhelming as Wicked's "the skies the limit" numbers are.

We might be able to do those as popular vote only. That seems tenable.

I know that the three of us (you, me, and Snowy) need to discuss AoL. I've been so snowed under with writing... sorry!

I've been so snowed under with writing... sorry!

Pun totally intended right?

And DO NOT APOLOGIZE, sweetie. All of this is a labor of love. & This has been a busy season for me as well (it looks like I might not move until the end of March and that still isn't set in stone).

But yes, let's discuss whenever it's feasible, I really look forward to it!
I am about to celebrate my 10th anniversary as a fic writer and I got the brilliant idea to write new one-shots to commemorate the occasion... posting one each week for 10 weeks leading up to the actual day. All this in addition to the multi-chapter stories I am already writing. Yeah. No pressure there. I only have to be ready to start on April 16th.


Well....You are the Queen of Angst, so I'd say that pretty much fits your M.O. Just an exagerrated version of it.

And congratulations on the impending anniversary! ten years and still writing, still producing on a regular basis, highly prolific and much-loved? that's something to celebrate, you should be proud.

Hey, maybe you should have gone in reverse - you know when famous musical artists have reached certain milestones of fame (like, "made it to age 60 without dropping dead of an overdose"?) and other artists do tribute albums and concerts? Maybe a velvetwhip tribute festival? One-shots by other writers in your honor?

I will say I can't possibly do that I'm not capable of it! Because then I usually end up doing the thing I THINK I can't do. It actually works a lot of the time.

*hugs you* I know exactly how you feel regarding voting!

ETA: Thank you!

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Thank YOU for the pretties (and the commiseration!)

That is one of the things I truly love about the Buffyverse top 5 - it's more like an "art festival". (That said, I LOVE getting awards, so hypocrite thy pen name is RSD.)
You're very welcome, thank you for the lovely entries! I didn't think it was possible to do anything new with that last image of Xander & Willow from Grave. Oh goodness was I wrong. (I'm a huge fan of the extremes of highly saturated and desaturated color effects so both in one icon is pure catnip to me.) I was just following your links to your newish icon comm and enjoying them esp this post http://youtookitall.livejournal.com/733.html

Oh my, the Faith and WAY icons? So simple and gorgeous - and the Xena ones have so much visceral impact, and I haven't even watched that show. And your Fred and Echo icons are WOW. Esp your Fred icon. I don't even have words for it, except that clockwork_hart1 NEEDS to see your Fred icon, tis her favorite character.

If I wanted to friend you, would I friend you at both journals?

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Well, I'm not sure it is possible to do anything new, icon-wise, with that screencap...but it's one of my favorites so I felt compelled to use it with that particular challenge.

I'm glad you like my icons. Seriously happy about that. I write fan-fiction too, mostly at Archive of Our Own under the username awelcomearrow. There's not a ton of BTVS/ATS there yet, but there will be, over time.

I'm seriously pleased that you like my icons so much!! :)

Yes, you would friend me @ iconsoleander and join my community @youtookitall (or just "watch" it, but stuff goes members only after a week or so).



I write fan-fiction too, mostly at Archive of Our Own under the username awelcomearrow.

I'll have to check it out, thanks! (AO3 is one of my favorite sites to read fanfic.) What fandoms do you write in?

And friending now, it's lovely making new friends.

Very very welcome, it's well deserved! I adore unusual cropping and asymmetrical compositions - and there's simply not enough Dawn icons out there, says I. I've also been noodling around your icon journal - friending encouraged?
Oh man, I completely failed to vote for slayerstillness. D'oh.

Regardless, the entries were wonderful and the winners deserved them.

Thanks for sharing the links!

I completely failed to vote for slayerstillness.

I barely remembered by the skin of my molars! And given that these are every week, I don't think anyone possibly could. (Last year I missed an entire round of sunnyD awards. THAT was embarrassing.) So no worries.

And you are very welcome - pimpage is what I do!