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Vote now at the otherworldlyric icontest!


I didn't enter this round because of general busy-ness-ness the last week (and being in NY and et cetera) but I just voted - so please do go vote for your favorite entries in this round because there are so fantastically lovely entries. I love the delicacy of this set overall.

Did I mention I'm back from NYC, btw? I'm baaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkk.......

There will be fluffy stories this week, m'dears.

And if I get my act together, a Buffy & Joyce meta inspired by comlodge's beautiful School Hard/Chosen banner:

(You know I'm not at my home computer when I'm reduced to typing out the  addys.)

No but I saw the reminders! How much time do I have? Because truth be told I probably need to read the entries before I vote! (It's a thing with me.) The good news is, I'm a fast reader!
I didn't enter this round That's funny because I did!

Did you have fun in "the city"?
I'm dying to know whose entries are whose. Slayerstillness opens the voting threads and entry threads after the winners are announced and I like that - it's lots of fun to see who made what and who voted for what. otherworldlyric doesn't and I still don't know who made two of the entries I voted for in the last round.

BTW - shall I confess which entries I voted for?

And yes, we had a lot of fun - in between running hither and yon, sugar-blood drops, and occasionally wanting to throttle my sweetie. I think we are "arted out" for the year.

Short story: the Armory show is something I never have to do again; the Brooklyn Museum is one of the best general art museums I've been to. The Pod 39 - or 51 is affordable and great value for the money; and the food at the Delmonico market (esp the hot bar) on Lexington is fantastic, also reasonable and delish - but not open on weekends. *pout*

Also? the UN Building looks like nothing without all the flags flying, except a concrete brick.
I have to admit that I rarely go into "the city", and it's only a 20 minute train ride into Manhattan. *shrugs*

BTW - shall I confess which entries I voted for? Yes! I'm really curious. Just FYI, I only entered one icon. *shrugs again*

Welcome back! Hope you had a nice trip.

I voted and this time, strangely, not something involving Buffy (the character, not the show). XD

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I also voted for 4 and 5! I don't know who is 4 (Is it possible that she's girl from Cabin in the Woods?) I don't know. I just think that the icon is very pretty.
Welcome back from NYC. Looking forward to hearing your stories. :)
Thanks for the heads up, I went ahead and voted. I completely forgot to enter because I became busy these last few days. Welcome back from your trip!
I was too busy to enter this challenge or slayerstillness - but I also wasn't inspired by the prompts. With otherworldlyrics the problem was familiarity - Petula Clark's voice in my head. This is why I don't listen to the song itself if I don't know it beforehand.

When I voted however, the song was completely divorced from the icons; I'd forgotten what the song was. I just saw the pretties.

I just voted on the slayerstillness contest Rock your body, did you enter that one?