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Tomorrow my sweetie and I are going to NYC - she wants to see the 100th Armory Show on the Westside; stay two nights at the Pod 39 Hotel; then we'll hopefully go to Chinatown, and then Friday spend the day at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. including the Elizabeth Sackler Gallery of Feminist Art on the 4th floor featuring Judy Chicago's installation The Dinner Party (1982) which I've always wanted to see. (Never mind the concept of a separate gallery for "feminist" art as opposed to the presumably "regular" art. Baby steps, baby steps, bitty blah.)  I wll have many things to report, hopefully.

Then when I come back we are packing and (supposedly) moving back into the old apartment; the renovation is nearly done!  We saw it the other day - my sweetie's bedroom has been totally redone, new walls, flooring, windows, new moldings everywhere, paint and light fixtures, etc. they even took up two layers of ugly old linoleum and black glue in the kitchen to expose the original wood flooring. Beautiful job.

Which also means we'll finally be getting away from the people below us in the apartment we're in now and its worth anything just for that because SWEET MOTHER OF MOSES THESE PEOPLE DO NOT SHUT UP EVER. *ugh*

Ergo, if I don't get back to you anytime immediately or post a lot the next couple of weeks, you know why. I'll try to keep up with the macros, icons and suchlike - that shouldn't be hard, I've got 600 or so buffyverse icons sitting in my Photobucket. No lie.

In the meantime, eilowyn said not long ago that she loved "fluffy stories" about my sweetie and I; which of course meant I stopped telling them. ("But - we're not fluffy people, we argue a lot!" my brain protested.) Just like when someone paid for me to have a free account and velvetwhip said she looked forward to a "tsunami of polls" and I said "Me too!"  And then have done maybe two since then. Or when my mom asked "What do you want for Christmas?" and I said "I don't know." EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I absolutely shut down. (My sweetie gets the same damn answer to the same question btw. My brain hasn't changed in 40-plus years.)

But last week we were in one of those big-box retail stores, the kind we drag ourselves into because we really need something and even then only upon pain of death, and I told her I felt a little light-headed. I think y'all know I have epilepsy and it's pretty well controlled on medication but those sorts of stores are not good for me: too brightly light, buzzing light fixtures, too much noise, too much sensory overload, etc.

So I said to my sweetie "Keep talking."

"Oh NO, don't you go letting your mind wander off!" (Having a seizure feels at first like you're going into a spell or trance, like a daydream.)

"That's why I need you to keep talking, because it helps ground me and keep focused on where I am. We talk, you annoy the hell out of me, I want to strangle you, it keeps me grounded. See how that works?"

She laughed.

And all I could think right was how much I love this woman, and how lucky was (am) to have her in my life after all these years.

Which is a good thing, because an hour or so later we wanted to strangle each other again.

Love isn't ribbons and bows, kids.
I did not know you have epilepsy. I've had several friends (and a dog) who had it, so I know it can be tough at times. *hugs you*

Have fun with all the exciting things!

My brother had a dog with epilepsy too! He and his (ex)-wife had to cancel a trip to come and see the missus and me because we were on the phone and his dog had a major seizure in the middle of the conversation. Poor thing - he told me she kept running her head straight into the mirror over and over again.

I sometimes think it's scarier for people around me than it is for me because they are the ones who have to watch it. My honey is in the health care field and has seen it in other people but the first year we were together and I had one, she thought I was literally dying.

Then four years ago I realized while trying to back my car out of a space in a parking garage that I was in the middle of doing that AND having a seizure. Thank ye gods I had enough presence of mind to put the thing in park and turn off the ignition. (My doctor unofficially suspended my driving priviledges.)

But hey, upside! I haven't had one if maybe four years? that's really good.

Have fun with all the exciting things!

I will! It's been several years since I've been to NYC- the last time I went with friends, saw "The Body" exhibit, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge by myself in late afternoon, just as the sun was setting and tinting the bridge, the sky and the Statue of Liberty with rose-gold light. My favorite new york memory.
So it IS a good trip! That sounds like great fun. And the flat (apartment, oops, English is showing) is getting along nicely? That is THE BEST NEWS.

And fluffy stories are always wonderful. It's nice to see things going well for people, having things work for them (however you want to define "work"). Siezures are terrifying - I had one a couple of years ago out of the blue but I was home alone and how no idea what was going on. I kicked over a lamp and broke it and was covered in bruises. The fact that your Sweetie could distract you from it (by infuriation or not) is fantastic.

Love isn't ribbons and bows, kids.

No, and that's alright - it wouldn't be half as interesting
I actually use the word flat occasionally. And in fact, where my aunt used to live is a house that's been subdivided into one living place on the first floor, one on the second, and it's been referred to as a "flat" as well as an "apartment".

Anyhoo, the "flat" really is looking quite nice. I was impressed and OMG the kitchen floor! I had nightmares about it because it NEVER came clean no matter how hard I worked on it, how much bleach and scrub; but they're going to put a hard varnish on the wood floor in there now. the people doing the work have worked for my landlord for years so we've gotten to know them pretty well and they're true old-fashioned craftspeople.

I had one a couple of years ago out of the blue but I was home alone and how no idea what was going on.

Was that the only one? Every so often I meet someone who has had one seizure in their life but no idea why. Most seizures have no identifiable cause, actually ("cryptogenic"). It must have been terrifying for you - it's still terrifying for me and I've had them for over 30 years on and off. Your body is just completely out of your control when it happens.

it wouldn't be half as interesting

I guess not! I wouldn't mind trading a little of the interest for more peace and contentment between us, but I haven't figured out how to do that (short of us breaking up) and I'm not sure that's how life really works anyway.

And have a good trip! The Pod 39 is a good place - make sure to use the rooftop bar...
My sweetie stayed at the Pod51 a year ago and LOVED it - she called me to say that the bed was great. She has back pain and bilateral hip replacements. In the 17 years we've been together, travelling and staying at motels/hotels etc that's THE ONE AND ONLY time she ever reported that.

She did not mention a rooftop bar, however. (She'll probably want to go to bed early, I may have to sneak out...)

When did you stay in NYC?

When you say that "Love isn't ribbons and bows, kids," it reminds me of a line from the show.

Spike, in the episode Lover's Walk I think, said something like the above, and that it is really "blood working to do its will."

And the way your sweetie helps you with your epilepsy reminds me of how Blair helps Jim from "zoning out" in my other fave fandom, The Sentinel.
OH Spike. So right about so many things and yet so WRONG about things at the same time.

I think what he's talking about sounds to me very much like being "in love", "romantic love" or even lust. And culturally we definitely confuse "in love" with "love". I know I did for the longest time, and it just creates so many more problems. (As in,"I don't feel the same way about you as we did when we met I must not love you anymore". Which for a lot of people is the point that they break up. I think that it can also be the point at which genuine love begins. Like I know anything at this point.)

And the way your sweetie helps you with your epilepsy reminds me of how Blair helps Jim from "zoning out" in my other fave fandom, The Sentinel.

Oh? This sounds most interesting and I don't think anyone's rec'd this to me. And of course it's NOT available on Netflix instant streaming. *ugh* Do tell me more.

BTW- your Eliza/Faith icon (or is it Tru Calling?) is fantastically pretty. Is there text on it? My template shrinks everything so I can't see properly.
Have a wonderful trip! Your fluffy story is SO CUTE. And love isn't ribbons and bows, yes, but that's fine. We are human beings. (It makes me think about that scene, in Something Blue, when Buffy talks about love and the fire in it to Willow and than dust a vamp. "I wonder where I get that from" XD)

*puts her shippy icons*
That sounds like a great trip!

Also...I loved your fluffy story. It was so cute!
Thanks sweetie! And I think the trip will be lots of fun - of course we'll pay for it with sore feet and headaches. No pain no gain!
Seeing The Dinner Party for the first time is a fantastic experience. Enjoy, and if you get a chance, try to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, if you haven't been there before. It's right there, and it's wonderful.
Oh thanks for the recommendatio on the Garden, I'll see if can fit it in! If not, another time.

And I've been wanting to see the Dinner Party since I first read about it in House Beautiful magazine when I was a teenager in the 1980's. I can still remember the photos and the article itself, really very good. (And in a mainstream upscale decorating magazine, no lie.)

When/where did you see it?
Thanks muchly sweetie! I'll have to come up with more "fluffy stories" - I'm sure I'll have quite a few when I come back from NYC. *lol*
Thanks! My lady love would be astonished to find out She's becoming famous so it will be our little secret, eh?
Love isn't ribbons and bows, kids.
Heh. Tell me about it!

But seriously, thanks for sharing! ♥

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Glad the old apartment is almost ready and improved!

Have fun in NYC and thanks for sharing your fluffy stories! :D