I love the Get it Done icon btw (Buffy S7 icons are my crack anyway) but I've been noticing all of your icons are so pretty (Faith/Buffy in Enemies etc) do you make your own?

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Thanks! I don't know where the hell it came from, other than me finding this cap and thinking "Buffy smiled in that episode? She smiled in S6? I don't remember this. She looks so pretty!....Hmmm."

(Btw, I may have to force myself to watch Wrecked again just to find out what's going on here. Maybe. Or I could keep doing silly captions.)

OK - I cry uncle - what's a "macro"? That's the first time I've seen the term in a fandom context before.

That Good Point icon by bogwich is one of my favorite icons evah, btw. Your collection is pretty fantastic anyway - you have Kermit and Doctor #3 and Marth and ANNE OF CLEAVES! You have an Anne of Cleaves icon! Most awesome.
You saw this, yay! If I've made you laugh, hon, that's a real compliment and honor for all the laughs your fics have given me!


And I couldn't even figure out how to fit Dawn, etc etc in there without obscuring the image of her face entirely. (Although the Anya icon you're using does just that. *ponders*)
She sure is - especially in the first half of the season. (Pretty) Also people judge her too harshly, IMHO.

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She sure is - especially in the first half of the season. (Pretty)

Isn't she though? Pretty and cute as a button. *notices your icon approvingly* I LOVE how she looks here (Buffy braids!), even if it's a weird combo on anyone, the braids, the big hoops and red lipstick, and - she smiled in S6? Whoa, I don't even remember that.

And then her statement to Prophecy Girl popped in my head and I just HAD to go there.

Also people judge her too harshly, IMHO.

You should see the S7 / Empty Places text icons I've been making *hugs Buffy* Gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?
Well, when you put it like that - at least I'm still pretty too. Excellent! :D

Heh. This reminded me of the meta on Buffy and PTSD I was supposed to write over the summer. And I have a guilt complex about that one. Other than that, this is great!
No no no - no guilt, sweetie! (As I glance at the 850 unanswered replies in my inbox, or the notes on Buffy and Tara that I still need to pull together, or the dopplegangers meta. Nope, not feeling guilty at all. *lol*)

Anyway schoolwork definitely comes first, and I can wait. I think that will be an interesting discussion. I've always wanted to take it on, but I think it's been like, little bits of the theme have just been "leaking" into these posts all along, which maybe works better for me than "formal meta essay".

Athough now that you mention it, snowpuppies once said she was working on a meta on trauma in the buffyverse and we haven't seen it yet. Although it's pretty much there in all her stories anyway.

BTW - my friend Kendra is watching Season 1 for the first time - she LOVES Buffy already, HATES Xander and Angel; and we got talking about the theme of consent and violation which is a big deal to her. And I had no idea. She talked about the novel she's writing now and how one character had the opportunity to mindwipe the female protagonist but refuses because he respects her too much and it would be against her wishes.

So I broke my no spoilers code and told her all about I Will Remember You. Part of my duty as a friend.
This is a beautiful thing and something that I definitely needed to see right about now with everything in my life falling to shit. All true, every word, and yet she still manages to get out of bed in the morning and save the world (a lot)

I love this so much.
*HUGS* I've been thinking about you, I was going to send you a PM (I was going to tell you that I won for my Buffy in NOrmal again icon in the otherworldlyric challenge, because I think you'll like the icons I made)

But I haven't heard from you in a while anyway - what's up, sweetie? I wish I had more time to talk because I am going to New york city tomorrow.

Did I miss something on your journal? I checked yesterday and didn't see anything new. Falling to shit like, more than normal?