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Vote at Otherworldlyrics Icon Challenge 163!

I just voted at the latest otherworldlyric challenge - and yes, I did submit three but I had no trouble whatsoever picking other ones to vote for that I like a LOT better than my own. Not "fancy" with effects but goodness some gorgeous, subtle, atmosphere work in this round. (And most of my picks actually had male characters - I'm as shocked as you are!)

Of course right after I voted, I thought, "Oh, but there's this other one...maybe I should have picked that. Why couldn't I have voted for 4 icons instead of three?"

And of course the refrain you'll hear from me over and over when it comes to contests: "WHYYYYYYY do I have to chose? I just want to enjoy the pretties!"

Until I get an award of my own, of course - and bounce around like a giddy child on a sugar high.

Thanks again to my friend wickedbish for his beta advice on my submissions - you are AWESOME, sir!  BTW - he shared with me the phrase " ichallenge" for "icon challenge" which is kind of cute, actually. Do we use that in this fandom and I just didn't notice?

Speaking of icons - I checked out spikesredqueen Buffy and Willow icons today and - ME WANT.
My pleasure! The entries deserve our love and attention! (Some of the ones I voted for this time I have NO idea who the characters were or the fandom they're from, which is unusual for me. I was just cave-brain - "icon pretty!")

I voted earlier today :) I am so happy that you liked my icons! Thanks again for all your wonderful comments!
You're welcome but it's no difficulty - the comments are well-deserved!

And OMG how perfect is that Dawn icon with this post! We're matching - very cool. *hugs*
Excellent! (I tried to use different fonts this time, so I wonder if you can suss out which ones are mine so easily this time. *lol*)
Thanks sweetie!

Isn't this batch a great one? I voted and then right after hitting the button thought, oh, but wait, there's this other one that's really good!