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WHILE I CONTINUE TO PROCRASTINATE: Reminders, Gloating, and Anne Icons for Norwie2010

I may be a slacker, but Buffy isn't:

1) I was reading an elegant post-series btvs ensemble drabble by my friend Ray kerkevik_2014 & he informed me that he couldn't access my journal from the library computer where he is (Scotland) because my site had been "censored". Me? Little ol' white bread good girl me? Censored?


2) fttstar07 posted part 3 of her Getting To the Truth series re: Buffy's feelings for Spike in S7. Fun. (Granted, she posted a month ago but better late than never, right?)

3) An additional reminder, don't forget to vote for your favorite Faith icons at the slayerstillness Challenge 18. I encourage y'all to not wait until the last minute *cough* because apparently LiveJournal is going to be out of commission for some updates around, say, 6pm EST in the US. (Hopefully, maybe, they'll get that little "failure to send notifications" problem fixed? Pretty please?)

4) And finally: norwie2010's birthday was the other day, which gives me the perfect excuse to post some icons for his favorite episode, "Anne", which is also my favorite season opener alongside Bargaining. "I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?" just might be the most sublime Buffy moment in the entire series.

As always, snag 'em if you want 'em just give proper credit.

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*Takes a bow*

Thank you sweetie! I did these last August just before the fire and I'm still pretty pleased with them.
Why are you censored?
The icons are so pretty, especially the two in the middle.
Ray made a joke about the "lesbian porn" *LMAO*

Maybe Scotland cannot handle my Buffylove! Or maybe it's the Winged buffy image -which, PUHLEEZ, she's got more coverage than if she were wearing a bikini.

The icons are so pretty, especially the two in the middle.

Thanks! I've been meaning to post these forever. (I actually did some for the btvs_hush challenge last August before the apartment fire.) Which ones do you mean btw? I just edited the post to add numbers to each icon.
The fourth and the fifth are especially beautiful. The forth seems so perfect with the lightning even Buffy's hair seems nice. XD (Poor S3's hair. So badly treated)

Seriously with all the porn on the internet they censure winged!ultra-covered!Buffy? The world makes no sense.
Shots with dramatic light and high contrasts are great for shiny blond hair (and also great for the icon maker!) I don't hate her hair in Anne at all - it's the bangs later on in Amends etc - oy vey!

with all the porn on the internet they censure winged!ultra-covered!Buffy?

I really have no idea, I'm just guessing (joking?) I can't imagine anyone would object to lovely, fluffy winged Buffy *pets Buffy* It may be that the library as a public institution has certain "adult" filters that look for certain types of content or words like "lesbian", or swear words (which I have used occasionally.) I don't think I've posted anything more objectionable or salacious than that. (I guess that means no one in the Scottish library system will be able to see when I finally post my icons that use the word "vibrator". *LMAO*)

The world makes no sense.

Eh, that's pretty much true in principal anyway.

*yoinks pretty icon*

"Anne" is such a great episode, I love it.
I'm always happy when someone snags one of my icons, it's such a compliment! I had a few more but these were the best IMO. (I held back the "hugs" one I'm using because I'm selfish sometimes *lol*) beer_good_foamy called that scene for the one you snagged "heartbreaking" and it really is - it captures exactly how depression (grief, numbness, apathy) feels in a single shot.

And I adore Anne - I actually wrote two meta posts about it esp re: Buffy's depression arc back in 2012. I didn't even write about the bargaining parallels for Willow, or Xander/Cordy as proto-Spuffy. And Joyce and Giles! There's just SO MUCH going on in that ep it's fantastic.
Your icons look awesome, my dear!

Also, Buffy's to-do list gave me a nice giggle.
Thanks sweetie!

Buffy's to-do list gave me a nice giggle.

I tried to make that into an icon but it was too much text to really be legible. I've been having SO MUCH fun doing images and icons with funny/snarky text you have no idea. (Or you probably do, rather.) So I'm really glad that you enjoyed it too!
"I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?"

Everything about that line... so amazing. Thanks for reminding me. Wonderful icons!
Everything about that line... so amazing. Thanks for reminding me.

That's what I do! :)

And yes, that line - that entire scene - LOVE IT. We know then and there that Buffy will triumph. (Sarah's delivery is superb; she mixes comedy and drama so beautifully in scenes like that.) That inner strength, protetctiveness, fire and wit? The slayer spell had nothing to do with that, it's all Buffy Summers there.

And thank you SO MUCH for the lovely compliment, it's so appreciated.
You did an icon of what I call the "doesn't Sarah have amazing cheekbones?" shot!
Actually I did several icons from that scene - Nice big black space behind Buffy's head = perfect for text. Also, her expressions, Gah.

You did an icon of what I call the "doesn't Sarah have amazing cheekbones?" shot!

Actually? Everyone has amazing cheekbones if they lose enough body fat. *lol* (I went down to nearly 100 pounds in my late teens because of lupus for a year and was all skin and bone but my cheekbones were GORGEOUS. Coulda cut a diamond with the suckers.)

What I was honestly thinking working on these images was "god Sarah gives good face...but god she does look worn out and I want to feed her a roast chicken dinner - by which I mean the entire chicken." Which ironically works for the show itself - we wouldn't believe Buffy was so worn down if she were as sleek and well-fed as in the early seasons. There's also a strange sort of elegance to her at the same time. But she brings out my mama bear love that season too.

She looks healthier nowadays thank goodness.

And I love this one but I'm not sure the text is legible? May need work:

Wait until I do a big ol icon dump - I've got dozens of EP/Touched/EoD icons - trying to ease the pain!