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Voting NOW OPEN for Icon Challenge 18 at Slayerstillness!

Round 18  has 32 fantastic icon entries devoted to the one-and-only Faith Lehane but HURRY, because the voting deadline is Monday the 24the - aka TOMORROW, kids. Full rule for voting are provided by the mods. So goest thou and vote!

*Full disclosure: I submitted some entries to this round that I did quite literally spur-of-the-moment and last-minute. I don't have an illusions about actually winning, but I really enjoyed the project anyway; it was a lot of fun.*


(I had no idea the voting deadline was so short btw. the deadline for entries was only the 21st.)

(I'm always curious what you voted for, but I'll wait until after the winners are announced and I get to reveal my entries.)
And as you know I did the same because you made me go look at the comm. Absolutely beautiful entries. I found it hard to pick. :D
And as you know I did the same

Some entries were your's, you mean?

Absolutely beautiful entries. I found it hard to pick

It's funny, I voted when I was away from home at a Dell PC (with a fairly nice flatscreen, not as nice as mine at home) and I thought some of my own icons looked a little different than I thought they had. (Would I have made different entry choices?)

Then I got back home and looked again and EVERYBODY'S icons looked different. Would I have made different voting choices? maybe one or two. It's like, there's no one "true" version of that icon, just whatever it happens to look like on any individual computer *lol*

I also found it interesting that several images were used several times, and that surprised me a little. One of the things about making icons lately is being reminded HOW MANY images in the show there are to choose from.
Yes, I did five.

As to different looks, it depends on the resolution of the screen. I use a laptop with a fairly basic screen. When I look at stuff on the ipad it is often quite different because that screen is just brilliant.

There are just caps that attract the majority for the story behind the scene, the power of the scene, the quality. I'm amazed at how often we use the same scenes over and over and even come up with the same sort of theme. Because I'm a late starter I do sometimes wonder if I'm just working form a memory of someone else's work.

For this challenge I was totally lazy and just used the examples provided and looking at the entries, I rather gather I wasn't the only one. She had picked some pretty iconic ones though.
I had a nice reply and then LJ went all wonky on me *sigh* I definitely am curious too find out which ones are yours!

I was tempted by the cap the mod had of Faith in the shower, but once I started working with the images I already had, the concept(s) just fell into place. I did do one that has a very overused image and almost didn't submit it but I just liked it enough anyway (not the most artistic but it made me giggle.)

Do you like working on your ipad? Do you have an external keyboard? My sweetie talked about getting me one but I can't imagine using it for any serious reading (or writing). IDK, perhaps I'd love it eventually?

I just posted some Anne icons today and they actually look better here than they did on Photobucket, I think because of the background colors. So, yet another thing to factor into "why do my icons look this way?"
LJ went all wonky Hate when it does that and I can never remember what I said. :D

the concept(s) just fell into place This is why I have such difficulty with icons - I have no concepts - I just try to cut it and treat it. My mind does not want to make a story in such a tiny space - I don't know why. So I just try to make pretty little pictures.

I quite like the ipad because I can cart it anywhere though it is still a hefty little thing. I believe the newer one is lighter. Yes I have the little apple keyboard which I thought I would hate but in fact I rather like it a lot. I hated my ipad for writing for the longest time until I work out how to go back and edit quickly with the arrow keys on the keyboard. It certainly has the best screen for looking at images and vid. I had a mini for about 10 minutes (for work and my sod of a brother took it) and I liked it a lot even though the screen is so much smaller. Still big enough to write on with the keyboard and way lighter!

I don't like looking at images on Photobucket. They never seem as nice to me and I don't know why except I really don't like the layout. :D
My messages generally get swallowed in black hole when they are very long AND I'm about to hit "post". So this one wasn't quite so bad!

You are definitely a storyteller when it comes to your banners and manips, etc - "like Mother like daughter" one you just did, the Willow/Tara, Anne, Dawn & Spike etc. You just happen to prefer working on a "larger canvas" than 100square; just like some painters prefer large wall-sized canvases and others like to create small and intimate paintings.

When I made Moulin Rouge icons ten years ago (and I made HUNDREDS, no lie) I was just playing with "pretty little pictures" as you say. There was no need to tell a story and I never did text except for what was already in the image itself. But then again there's not a lot of story to MR, it was pretty much all about the images (costumes, sets - such a pretty thing to look at). And then there just happened to be the love story at the center of it (which I was obsessed with for years but never mind that.) It never occured to me to make anything than just pretty little gems and have fun.

So I didn't expect this "concept" thing to come about making Buffy icons - at first it was just about the images. but Buffy caps aren't stylized in the same way as Moulin Rouge images, and there is SO MUCH story to it, and I have SOOO many feelings about it. But I don't go in with a concept - I'll start out with a light-hearted idea, something pretty or funny, or innocuous, and then the weirdest thing, as I work on more I begin to get deeper into it, go more sarcastic, or more dramatic, more poignant or painful, find more parallels.

I think I've said this is my lazy/easy way of writing meta without writing meta? I have notebooks full of meta in rough form but am overwhelmed by the notion of actually wrangling them and shaping them into coherent essays.

I've noticed for the icon challenges (I just sent Ryan a batch I made for the new otherworldlyric challenge #163), I really don't start with a "concept" either, except "oh that lyric might fit this moment from the show" and then it usually evolves from there, so I what I end up making goes in a totally different direction than how I started. That definitely happened with the last otherworldlyric challenge.

Re: the ipad, the new one is VERY light and thin, I've seen it at the Apple stores. It's interesting to hear that it works well for you - and I can imagine it would work very well for viewing icons. the next time we go to the apple store I might try logging into my PB and playing with an icon a bit.

I think I know part of the reason I don't like how icons look in PB - when looking at them indivdually there's in a large white box. I often use white borders, so I can't see them. Or if the image itself is light/white around the edges I can't tell where it ends and the box begins. I think that's part of the reason I use the thin black frame a lot of times, just to tell where the borders are. (I also happen to like framing devices.)

And i love apple keyboards, once I got used to them. the new one with our desktop is very small and light (wireless) and weighs a few ounces. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "tile" key - I don't know what you call it but it's what you press to see all the windows you have open at once; and the fact that the caps lock key has the light on the key itself.

My sweetie took a course in Apeture, which is a program from apple that she thought was just for storage but found out it has editing capabilities, so maybe I can end up using that instead of paint or gimp and replace PB eventually.
My messages generally get swallowed in black hole when they are very long

I've had that happen. I hate it and I often don't bother then unless I'm chatting with you. You bring out the chatty in me. :D

You just happen to prefer working on a "larger canvas" than 100square

That's very true. Icons simply do not do it for me though I love it when I see others that do them so well.

So I didn't expect this "concept" thing to come about making Buffy icons

Isn't that the wonderful thing though. When something just pops up. When I started this last year, I really wanted to write and mostly just wanted to learn a bit of Photoshop to be able to make photos better and blend a bit. Now I cannot look at an image without thinking automatically how I could make it better. And a line or quote or lyric just brings a scene and image immediately to mind. Sometimes it ends up looking different to what I started but then it's often better.

I think I know part of the reason I don't like how icons look in PB - when looking at them indivdually there's in a large white box. I often use white borders, so I can't see them. Or if the image itself is light/white around the edges I can't tell where it ends and the box begins.

Oh yes. I have that on my LJ because it is white backed. It does tend to make an image lose something when it just spreads out. I tend to add a bevel or a canvas background now.

Aperture could work out well if you get Ipad too. I have photoshop for ipad but I've only played a little with it. It is ratehr limited I guess.
I voted (Is there any change that "Made a promise to a lady" is yours? Oh, the parallels!)
I can't say a thing sweetie until after the winners are revealed, sorry,

But golly, now that you mention it, there's also lots of parallels with this moment, no? Making a promise to a lady:

blackfrancine wrote about "acts of service" as a primary expression of love that binds Slayers on Gabrielleabelle's website that is just - AGH. ALL THE FEELS: http://gabrielleabelle.livejournal.com/273029.html?thread=10704005#t10704005

Actually the post and that entire convo thread is one BIG MASS OF AWESOME LOVE: http://gabrielleabelle.livejournal.com/273029.html?thread=10704005#t10704005
Oh God, the promise to Joyce! I didn't think about that. It's perfect. *cries and her tears are perfect parallels*

The post about the acts of service (and all the S7 Spuffy) is pure love. I agree: Buffy expresses her love through actions not words and maybe that's why it's not easy to understand how much she cares and how deeply she feels the role of Slayer (That's constantly depiced in fanfics as the killer role. Or, at least, it's portrayed like that in most of the Italian fics)
That entire conversation is probably one of the primary things I can point to in fandom and say "This is how I see Buffy."

Oh, and I forgot that one of my first posts here on LJ - and my first about Joyce and Buffy - was specifically about this promise (you commented there at the time) but I DID NOT include the reference to Spike's "made a promise to a lady" because that didn't occur to me at the time to link them explicitly until much later http://red-satin-doll.livejournal.com/1540.html
Otherwise, I still love that post.