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Firstly: Thank you everyone who sent me the wonderful birthday wishes last week in the form of messages or as gifts in your journal. It really meant a lot to me, and made turning 46 a lot more fun than I'd anticipated. It was a lovely, low-key day: my sweetie took me out to the new Thai restaurant in the area we'd recently heard about; and she bought me a tin of one of my favorite teas from Harney and Sons, "Bankok" (green tea with lemongrass, ginger, vanilla and coconut flavors.) A cup of that before bed is now my nightly ritual.

If you posted birthday wishes or a gift on your journal and I have not thanked you yet, it means one thing: LJ is SCREWING UP notifications and I don't know about it. (I've gotten a grand total of one notification in the last 30 days.) I thought it was just me until I just happened to see that velvetwhip posted a complaint about it on her LJ, just happened to find a lovely birthday message and graphic that she posted for me; and then just happened to see comlodge make a remark about having trouble posting a gift banner (which is utterly gorgeous) she'd made for me, and I'm thinking, "What? What is this gift we speak of?" Then today I just happened to see kikimay's birthday graphic for me with a cap of Buffy receiving her umbrella in The Prom which gives me so many feelings, as well as several other times she name-checked me, and that's not counting the times other folks like eilowyn or kwritten have name-checked me, etc.

Folks, I'm all for "happenstance" and "serendipity" - but not on a social networking site. Not when people are making me gifts and wishing me happy birthday, or giving me free PR by referencing my posts. I want to know about this stuff because to NOT stop by and say "THANK YOU" is just plain damn rude, IMO. That said, I know that children are starving in Africa - starving all over the world in fact - and I'm sitting her whining like a priviledged American white gal. (Which I happen to be, but nevermind.)

If kerkevik_2014 hadn't PM'd me about a completely charming and sexy Tara/Faith drabble he wrote for me, I never would have known about it. Sweet, sexy, taking-command Tara is pure catnip to me - and being the gentle guide for a suddenly-shy and insecure Faith? OH YES PLEASE.  It's easy to forget that Tara possessed a core of strength and confidence even if we rarely saw it before S6. Remember, she is the one who pursued Willow - NOT the other way around. I was a just-out lesbian in the '90's, just before the show came on tv and I know how much courage that would have taken at that time (and probably still does.)

SO - if you've mentioned me or have made a prezzie for me, or just something you think I might like to see, please don't be shy about PM'ing me until this notification nonsense gets straightened out.

SECONDLY: comlodge told me that the aforementioned Buffy tribute banner she made for my birthday was inspired by my recent "happy birthday Buffy" post and that in itself is the best present. If I can make someone else see Buffy and her world through my eyes even a little, not by shouting or arguing or arm-twisting, but simply by loving her and sharing what she means to me, then that makes me incredibly happy. comlodge's banner reflects what so much of what I love about Buffy - the girl, the woman, the warrior; daughter, sister, friend and lover. Her's is an incredible journey.

Speaking of incredible journeys: kwritten posted an insanely gorgeous Buffy, Anya, Willow, Dawn/Faith fic, "Oh, You're Here Too?" set immediately post-Chosen. Anya offers Buffy friendship and solace after the battle. Not AU. She wrote it for a prompt from kikimay but it reflects so much about how I see Buffy in that immediate period about 1000X better than I could hope to. It's a short story but it takes the reader on a complete journey that feels novelistic, in a series of short scenes: from Buffy's trauma and dissociation, the fatigue and inability to process everything after the battle in the Hellmouth, to a place that feels "warm, (un)finished, (in)complete" as Buffy contemplates the "the unknown future" before her, in the company of beloved friends and family.
Oh dear, how horrible are we talking on the horribleness scale?

And I will read the others I haven't forgotten! Nor have I forgotten that I've promised to post Tara icons sometime soon; I made some from OAFA that I like conceptually but can't get the image and text to work to my liking. *le sigh*

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It's just awful when LJ fails so spectacularly - and on your birthday, of all days. Just glad you finally found all your wishes and prezzies and such.

I only found Kiki's today so now I'm wondering what else I may have missed. Not even just the prezzies, which I love (I am SUCH A GIRL *lol*) but several folks have recently mentioned me in reference to fics or meta, or linked to one of my posts, and I really do like knowing about those things. I want to read the posts, be a part of the conversation etc

And when someone sends other people my way? No one might say to me "I saw the link on so and so's post" but it's a big deal to me anyway. It's free PR, for which I'm eternally grateful (and I know how hard it is to "generate traffic" from trying to help my sweetie with her blog and ebay auctions etc); and it's another gauge of things I've posted that other people enjoy seeing and reading, in addition to the convo threads. So that helps me tremendously here.

ANYHOOO....I do hope things clear up soon. (When are the Olympics over? *lol*)
I hope you had a wonderful birthday! btw i'm working on something inspired by you. It will be a gift if you want it… and if it works out.
btw i'm working on something inspired by you.

oh yes please! How am I supposed to get any sleep now with the anticipation?

BTW- are you psychic or something? b'cause I almost mentioned you in this post but then forgot to (or I was going on too long or something) but I definitely had you in mind when I was writing this. those questions you asked me a while back re: how do I like buffy to be portrayed etc are constantly on my mind when I pimp other people's stuff or write about Buffy myself. It's like, I don't know how to answer the question as an answer, so I'm trying to answer in a "roundabout" way by demonstrating and sharing.

does that make sense?
It's a bit sad when the things we come to rely on let us down. Love kwritten's story. Thanks for the rec. Have you seen kikimay's first fan vid - lovely Buffy tribute. She picked a great song for Buffy, I thought and the snip of Angelus and Buffy just broke my heart.
Definitely annoying. A year ago I wouldn't have noticed that LJ was futzing up, so I guess it says a lot about how many friends I've made in this fandom that it is a big deal to me now. Which is a good problem to have, right?

Have you seen kikimay's first fan vid

YESYESYESSSSSS! I left a comment earlier. I would never have thought of that song for Buffy but kiki's vid made it feel like a perfect choice.

I thought and the snip of Angelus and Buffy just broke my heart.

Oh yes and the clip from Amends and Buffy begging Angel not to commit suicide ("What about me?" OMG SO ironic in light of The Gift), and of course The Prom (which seems to be getting a lot of appreciation lately in these parts, yes *wink*)

I definitely hope she does more.
I'm glad you found all your prezzies, sweetie!

Thanks for sharing links!

I was going to share my icons but this got too long and I LOVELOVELOVE pimping other people's stuff. So - icons can wait a couple more days.

I'm so out of it lately but did I congratulate you? If not then a happy belated birthday from me :D
oh my gosh thank you so much for the lovely rec *blushes*

Sorry about the notifications - but it sounds like your bday was splendid.

idk about anything you may have missed - but I finally wrote my Spike+Dawn meta and also a new Dawn fic series (which should be finished soon) which is really, really dark and ofc - LESBIANS. so. you know. :)
thank you so much for the lovely rec *blushes*

Pimping is what I do! (oh wait, that doesn't sound quite right...*lol*)

And I saw you posted the meta! Plus, I meant to rec the third installment of the blurring the lines series (did I? I honestly can't remember now. My brain = sieve.)

Did I ever send you btw the one and only Dawn and Spike icon I ever made, from Bargaining? I did it as a gift to you before the apartment fire with a batch of Bargaining icons and never got around to posting them. (Nowhere near as lovely as your icons, sadly)


Dark, chocolately lesbian goodness, yum!

Btw - it pleases me to no end that there are folks out there still using the word "lesbian". I stopped a few years back thinking, oh, I'm past labels it's old-fashioned blah blah blah, so uncool...and then something comes up in the news about stupid attempts to oppress sexual minorities and I'm back to, oh fuck it, I AM a LESBIAN. Deal with it, morons.
I am so sorry - your Birthday was one of those that got lost in the overall chaos that seems to have swamped me.

It sounds like you were spoilt ... but that's no excuse for me.

Hope you did have a happy birthday ... the start of a special year.

Oh no worries hon! (given how many birthdays I've missed, there will be no throwing of stones on my end!)

Its been a very nice start - actually, all of January was really lovely, so it's been like I've been celebrating my birthday for over a month already.
Happy birthday, if belatedly (I haven't been online much the last few weeks and I'm trying to catch up). Your posts are always a pleasure to read, even though I'm not very good at remembering to comment, and I'm very glad that you decided to join LJ and Buffy fandom :) *hugs*

(As for the notifications not working, have you tried searching for your username? That might uncover more mentions that you've missed)
Thank you for the kind words, sweetie! I'm very glad to have found this fandom *hugs you back*

BTW - I really don't pay attention to my DW like, at all. So did you do another Big Damn Love Fest and I missed it, or have you just been busy this year and it didn't happen?

(As for the notifications not working, have you tried searching for your username? That might uncover more mentions that you've missed)

I didn't even know I could do that - YOU ARE THE BEST, THANK YOU!

So so late to the party but wishing you the happiest all the same!

And, yes, Tara was a wonderful character ... and probably the single best (as in nearly totally saintly) character on the show.
Thank you very much for the birthday wishes!

And I do love Tara - although that didn't personally happen for me until S6, as I've said before; and then I started reevaluating her esp in terms of how she fits Buffy's narrative arc and not just as willow's other half. I really wish Joss had been willing to reconsider his end goal in terms of that character because she was evolving into a fabulous woman. (Which meant of course she HAD to die. *sigh*)

(as in nearly totally saintly)

Have you read clockwork_hart1's "Talk to Me (That's What Friends are For)" ? http://clockwork-hart1.livejournal.com/11852.html She wrote it after I asked for a fic that DID NOT portray Tara as an all-knowing perfect saint. Because I feel she gets reduced to that a lot, first of all by the show's writers because they weren't as interested in exploring her character. The faults are there you just have to look pretty hard, and they seem so small compared to everyone else's (so "saintly" by comparison.)

Clockwork also wrote another fix, Shadows and Light, exploring Tara's thoughts while Glory is torturing her in Tough Love,
after we had a conversation about how Tara's sacrifice on behalf of the Summers sisters in that episode is so terribly overlooked, at least in the parts of fandom I'm familiar with, esp in comparison to Spike's in Intervention. And I think that the perception that Tara is just a "good person" (and female) contributes to that: women are supposed to sacrifice themselves to protect loved ones, esp children, and the assumption is that Tara is just INHERENTLY good so no one questions what she was thinking, or assumes that there may have been a moment when she would have been tempted to give up Dawn just to free herself of the crushing pain.

And that I think is a huge, huge mistake. Buffy GETS what Tara did even though there's no "sexy wounds", no kisses of gratitude; all she can do is hug Tara in the hospital and try to stop Willow from killing herself.
Oh my goood, I missed your birthday! I'm sorry, but -- SUPER BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! /THROWS CONFETTI
Oh hon! It was only last month - in my world that's not even close to belated!

I'm just happy you're here! BTW - was that your post on tumblr as kit...I can't spell your other penname, reminding everyone that it was Kendra, NOT Buffy, who named, Mr Pointy, and how Kendra gets so overlooked? I saw it on su_herald and damn you were spot on.

I can see why she isn't considered as important as Faith, though - because poor Kendra didn't even make it through the entirety of a single season. (S2 was shitty towards women of color. Can I say that?)