Buffy Casablanca Poster poppy wreath  RS

Today's post brought to you by the need to throw SOMETHING on this journal no matter how silly...

And also, to remind everyone to vote in the otherworldlyric icon challenge contest #162.
ETA: dragonydreams just let me know that voting is closed and winners have been announced. Congratulations to winners spikesredqueen and chic_c !
(While I'm here I might as well send more kudos to wickedbish for being such an awesome icon beta.)

Now go get some sleep - tomorrow's a long day, sweetie.
FYI - Voting is closed and winners have been announced, but thanks for pimping.
They have? Very cool! I didn't see it on the site a couple of moments ago, I'll head there now thanks for the update.
I voted in that challenge. Now that it's over, which ones were yours?

4, 11 and 12

(ETA: I'll post the entire "collection" of icons I made for this sometime this week)

I did vote today myself and at least one of my picks - #1 - was a winner.

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Your icons are gorgeous, hon. I will seriously give you feedback any time you need feedback!
And I will TOTES take you up on that offer, trust.

(BTW - does Buffy actually say "totes" for "totally" in canon?)
We can all identify, can't we?

Actually, this is all your fault (so says I) - ever since I saw your beautiful Buffy & Joyce banner using that shot from Chosen, I've gone back to Touched - Chosen and have been having way too much fun making icons of from those eps.
Lol. Then my work here is um working. :D

Are you going to post your icons so that we can marvel at them? My fave is no 12 but I do like the winners.
Congrats to the winners.

Love the Buffy image. Sleep is definitely something I need more of this week.
Sleep is definitely something I need more of this week.

I've been doing pretty good but my sweetie is with you on that one! Anything in particular getting in the way of your sleep?

And thanks I'm glad you like the image! I saved it in large size before making it into an icon - I've noticed a tendency lately to want to put too much text in an image than an icon can really handle.

Mostly it's just been play practices keeping me out past my bed time. But there are occasionally things that cause worry or give me thinky thoughts.