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The Things I Get Myself Into.....

ETA 2/13 : wickedbish provided me with a wonderful, super-helpful, concise, right-on concrit this morning THANK YOU!  The man definitely has an "eye". But I already knew that from his photographic art so no surprise there (which, if you folks haven't checked out, you might want to do so. "Alien Avian", a heron in a pool of intensely-green water, is my favorite.)

So I can submit 3 icons for the otherworldlyric icon challenge by Friday.

I've made 45 since yesterday. I can't decide which ones to submit. And I can't show them publicly on my LJ.

I may be incorrigble. I am DEFINITELY indecisive. And certainly addicted.

Is there a local chapter of Iconographers Anonymous?

 An icon beta (Muse) would be of the good....but whoever accepts the mission CANNOT vote in the icon challenge or reveal the submissions in any way.


I've often said I need a beta for my a/w. I need someone to say that's good but tone down the pink, change font and put it more to the left. I especially need one when I'm trying to decide which icon or a/w I want to enter into a challenge.
I'm not even sure if it's "kosher" to request a beta for a "challenge" - but as long as the person doesn't vote themselves I guess, why not?

If you can email them to wicked.ryebread(at)gmail, I'll critique the heck out of 'em for ya!
Mostly I'm having a blast (and avoiding other things that need to be done *points at icon*)

I was working on a set yesterday with a somewhat "feminist" or political slant and I actually started to get a little emotional, which surprised me, but that was good because it made me think about the subject and try to find a way to express myself in a single image (not sure it worked though.)
Looks like you are covered, so suffice it to say I wish you the best with the icons!

P.S. Happy upcoming b'day!
Thank you on both fronts sweetie!

(My sweetie just took me out to the new Thai restaurant for my b'day because Thai is totally my comfort food. The ice is crazy-thick here after the storm but the sun is shining, so it's dangerous and gorgeous.)