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Spreading the Fandom Love: My Cup Runneth Over - and I Don't Mind the Stain on the Rug

The last two weeks I've received a sudden and unexpected influx of gifts and blessings here on LJ, and just gotten quite a lot of pleasure out of my participation in this fandom. I've been wanting to acknowledge all the love coming my way and spread it out, but it's hard to put into words. Or rather, words I have by the ton; coherence not so much. So I'm going to try to return and spread the love out all this week, because it's too much for one little post.

1) Buffyverse Top 5 was just a tremendous amount of fun to participate in. yourlibrarian and petzipellepingo deserve a huge round of applause for being such wonderful hosts, as always; and kudos to everyone who participated with rec lists of their own and/or comments. It was a great party! I remember enjoying myself last year but not to the same degree as this time but I was very new to fandom, didn't know as many people; and was focused on the goal of rec'ing meta because nearly all the other rec lists were focused on fanfic, with emphasis on shippiness.

Thank you velvetwhip, snogged, shapinglight, debris4spike, sparrow2000, lusciousxander, punch_kicker15, beer_good_foamy, rebcake, dragonyphoenix, endeni for all your lists; and thanks to the artists who keep bringing all of us what you love in any format....

[MORE LOVE, SQUEE - AND GIFS!]This time around I had a lot of things I wanted to rec in every genre - fic, meta, art, vids - and only had time for a fraction of what I wanted to do. But other folks had the same idea: picspams, podcasts, videos, meta, some folks mixed things up in all forms; a lot of very new to me authors and stories that covered a wide range of the Buffyverse in terms of 'ships, gen, female-centric, etc - something for everyone. All of it very high quality on every level of craft (technique) and art. There's enough there to keep me busy neglecting housework chores for some months to come. And it continued a trend that I've noticed of late: that my fandom circle of aquaintance, friendships, reading habits and tastes have been widening. It keeps things more interesting and fun, and reminds me just how large this fandom really is, and how much variety of people and interests within it.

The "bad news" is that this round is over until the next "Classic Round" starting October 30th. The good news is that gives me plenty of time to procrastinate until the last minute prepare my lists in advance.

(And I hope y'all will forgive me an indulgence: I already mentioned in my last post that petzipellepingo surprised me by including one of my own posts from last June in their Top 5 picspam list. What I forgot to mention because it hadn't sunk in quite yet, was that I was keeping company alongside snowpuppies and comlodge, two of the most amazingly talented artists in this fandom. Are you kidding? I'm still dancing with joy.)

2) While I'm celebrating communities here, I want to give a shout-out to the wonderful editors of the Sunnydale Herald: rahirahsecondalto, oni_9, lynnylou, gillo, audela & menomegirl  continue to prove at least 2-4 times a week that the activity and creativity in this fandom is truly an embarrassment of riches with your . At least 2-3 of the meta I rec'd on Buffyverse Top 5 I found on their lists, not to mention all the meta I wanted to rec but didn't have the time to. (Barb explained to me once how they manage to run and organize it and I still can't wrap my head around the work they do.)

And they've been providing something invaluable: free marketing and PR. Readers I wouldn't have been able to draw on my own, even if it's one person, and I didn't have to lift a finger. I didn't even have to tell anyone I'd written it; it's just there. I've watched my sweetie try to build her art blog and an audience out of whole cloth, without the support of a community or ready-made audience and it is damn hard and frustrating work. So every time I see one of my posts linked there it's another gift just falling into my lap, and I don't think there's any way I can adequately express my gratitude for that except to say "thank you".  (Can I get an "amen", somebody?)
Top 5 and The Herald are both awesome-in-a-jar and that's a fact!



(And also - HOLY MOLY you're fast! I had to re-edit and your comment was already here! Do you use magic or something?)
I'm so glad someone thanked all these people that keep the fandom so prolific and fertile and wonderful. The Herald and BT5 are such wonderful things, and damn they must be hard work to keep running so smoothly.



(was that a little too enthusiastic?)
This fandom is awesome and still so alive. I've been here - well, in the Italian fandom, but I guess it's the same - since 2006 and I'm still reading amazing fics. Bless you all!
I guess it's the same - since 2006 and I'm still reading amazing fics. Bless you all!

That's amazing - hey, there's a theme for one of my first polls "How long have you been in btvs fandom?" Coolness
LOVE your post! Yes, I'm so happy that the Buffy Fandom is still alive. I've been a member since late 2001/early 2002, I'm not sure but I remember it being a long, long time ago. Both Buffyverse Top 5 and The Herald are why I'm still here, sometimes I slip into other fandoms but these two bring me back.

*goes to finish 3rd chapter of her new Spander fic*
I've been a member since late 2001/early 2002

Has it been that long? That's really aweseome IMO that the show can inspire that much love.

When I first came to LJ fandom I saw your comments on gabrielleabelle's LJ, so I had no sense of anyone being further back than 2008. Not until I started reading the_royal_anna's meta from 2003-2004. I thought of you as THE Xander Fan (can't have been an easy road to hoe!), is that still true?

I'm always jazzed by the fact that there are people stil active in this fandom who watched the show "back in the day". I've always loved history, I suppose, so maybe that has something to do with it? that this fandom has a history that is still shared and remembered, while newbies like me are continually welcomed in? Anyway, I like it. :)

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Aww - thanks for the thanks!

It is a great community - and glad to see it well supported again.
And thank you again for your artwork rec lists! There really was so much variety this time around.

(And your icon has me giggling, you know.)
Thanks. :) And thank YOU for giving us good stuff to link to!

No, really, my cheeks are burning right now - you folks think my stuff is good enough to link to? that's what blows my mind, honestly.
One huge Amen! from me, sister. A late bloomer to the fandom, I love that it's still so very much alive. Love the feeling of family. All mods of all comms should be worshiped for their devotion to giving us all a meeting spot and encouragement to continue. Selfless task rewarded only by the warm glow of knowing something one loves continues to flourish.

Praise be to the fandom mods!
Selfless task rewarded only by the warm glow of knowing something one loves continues to flourish. Praise be to the fandom mods!


I want to give a shout-out to the wonderful editors of the Sunnydale Herald: rahirah, secondalto, oni_9, lynnylou, gillo, audela & menomegirl

Indeed! We are very lucky to have such a valuable resource year after year.
I just friended you btw - your comment showed up as needing to be screened (which is odd, because I don't have any screened settings here that I know of) and I probably thought we were already friends anyway.
Aww! This is a lovely post!

I am so glad that our fandom is alive and well and I am grateful to all of those amazing folks out there who help make it possible over and over again.
I am grateful to all of those amazing folks out there who help make it possible over and over again.

I'm really in awe of the amount of labor and love folks out there put into these projects, I can't even imagine.

And thank you for the kind words, sweetie! I feel like I'm a bit behind if anything, I've received so much kindness and love here lately from my lovely friends *hugs you tight*
Thanks for the shout out, hon. I really do love my fandom. I discovered the BTVS fandom in 2002 and have made my home here ever since and it's posts like yours that reinforce all the great reasons why I love it so much.

buffyversetop5 really is a great resource isn't it. And the same with su_herald - I've discovered so many wonderful fics that I wouldn't have come across if they didn't exist, so they do our fandom a great service - we can't thank the mods enough for their work.
I'm just trying to give back what I've been given many times over! We can't pay one another but we can show our appreciation in other ways, and those little things matter so much - sometime it can get me through my day or make me smile.

I'm really impressed how many fans, like yourself, have stayed with this fandom for ten years or more. THAT is awesome staying power.

we can't thank the mods enough for their work.

I'd be all for draping the banquet halls in silk, hiring minstrels, slaughtering a pig...er, tofu...something...etc and breaking out the wine - but my budget won't allow!

I'm grateful I found this community, and to have some energy to give! (Last year was pretty spotty on my end.)
Adding another Amen! I'm relatively new to this fandom too, and am just amazed at how much fantastic stuff there is out there. I truly appreciate the work that gets done to corral it into the Top 5 and Sunnydale Herald sites--it helps me find things I never would on my own, both the new stuff and the older classics.

Also, the Dawn and Anya gifs make grin.
it helps me find things I never would on my own, both the new stuff and the older classics.

Exactly, and I suspect that having access to that material is a key element of keeping this fandom alive; every culture depends on it's history, it's storytelling tradtions, it's "libraries" (printed or not). Lose all that and the culture dies itself dies because there's nothing to build upon.

think of the great libraries of Alexandria that preserved old/existing knowledge and became a center for the exchange of new ideas.

Also, the Dawn and Anya gifs make grin.

I just realized I need more Anya gifs.
I love your title

Oh good, because that is the single part I probably worked on longer than anything! Srsly I AGONIZE over post titles to ridiculous amounts.