red_satin_doll (red_satin_doll) wrote,

Everyone loves the Buffybot

mcjulie has written a terrific, concise and focused meta on the Buffybot, specifically how it represents the "I'm Fine" mask Buffy wears to hide her depression and grief - and what makes the Buffybot so wonderfully entertaining at the same time.  (I don't think enough meta can be written about the 'bot - it's a concept that could have gone wrong on so many levels, but succeeds beautifully.)

She's also continued the "Episode Polls" wher gabrielleabelle eft off (late S5). The polls are going into S6 now, which is such rich territory for conversation. (As in, "Get thee to the LJ." Are my hints too subtle?  I hope not.)

Tags: char: buffybot, comm: mcjulie's episode polls, fandom: btvs, links

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