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For the lovely velvetwhip

Now that a very kind anonymous friend has gifted me with a paid account, I'd thought about taking advantage of the v-gift feature and get you one,
Gabrielle, but none of them really suited, somehow. I'm better with words anyhow and if I get a little extravagent here,
it's no less than you deserve and probably inadequate anyway. So:

Lo these many years ago (or maybe just one year, but who's counting?) I'd gotten myself into a minor "kerfuffle" and wanted, needed to talk to someone about it. But I didn't know many people here, being a newbie in the neighborhood and all. My instincts finally told me to go to you. Sometimes my instincts get it right. You were calm, reassuring, non-judgemental, and thoroughly sensible, and that was exactly what I needed. And what you gave me then is what you continue to give: solid support. You're one of the best ambassadors this fandom has to offer: actively involved in multiple fandom awards, welcoming to any and all newbies like myself, semi-weekly fic rec lists,
not to mention your own astonishing, prolific output as an author.

You said something very simple to me in that conversation a year ago. "I like you". I was flattered but had no idea then just how big a deal that is. Because it is. You don't lack for friends or things to do in a day by any means; but you make time anyway to read my posts and comment on a regular basis. Kindness, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and pure class seem to roll of your fingertips; if you have a mean bone in your entire body I haven't seen it. (And how in the world do you stay so organized?)

I don't know how you do it, but I'm so glad that you do, and that I can count you as a friend.
Happy birthday.
What a nice post! Gabrielle is such a force for good around here. She deserves all the acknowledgement and I'm glad she was able to be there for you.
is such a force for good around here

YESSSS! I was grasping for a phrase like that and you just nailed the essence of it.