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So I finally posted to the Buffyverse Top 5....

Posting my top 5 fanvid recs list in this round of TBT5 ended up being more challenging than I thought it would be! For one thing, endeni and petzipellepingo both rec'd two vids I had on my list ( here and here respectively); just yesterday I wished that more people would post non-fic rec lists. I gotta be careful what I wish for!

Also, my post honestly took me half the day to complete; I'd probably be a lot faster if I actually wrote out a list beforehand, maybe? (Like that'll happen.)  If I'd been faster and included all the ones I'd intended to I might have been able to put up another 5 vids; I may be able to find a couple more because the mods are strict on the 5 recs per post rule, and there's a couple of vids I hate to leave off, including Kayennatic's elegant and mournful Buffy character study, "O 'Death" .

Anyway only about four people, myself included have put up rec lists so far  - velvetwhip has 5 favorite Willow fics - so there's plenty of room for participation. The more the merrier, come join the party!
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Thanks for mentioning my list! I hope lots of people participate, because it's a great way to find wonderful works of all kinds you might have missed last year.

it's a great way to find wonderful works of all kinds you might have missed last year.

Exactly - and there is SO MUCH OUT THERE. I can't understand how anyone can look at the volume of fan works created every year and say this fandom is "dying". I've participated in "dying" fandoms, trust; I know the difference.
I will see what I can do, but I'm not sure what kind of list I want to create this year.....
I was originally planning for a femslash list, but was reminded of the remixes when I went to the community. Then I remember that buffy_remix did a round this year and wanted to make sure some folks got recognized. :)
It does take a while to compile and code the lists. I posted three times during classic recs, and will try to do a couple more this month. I relied on this comm heavily when I first came to the fandom.
Last year I had a lot of fun doing meta rec lists because no one else was doing them. This year I'm having to work harder to find meta - it's THERE but just scattered all over the internet.

I just posted another vid rec list and again it took me all day - it's all the LINKS and tabs I have to open and blah blah blah and oh, yeah, my memory is kind of sucky and I'm indecisive....blah blah.

But it's still fun to do because I love seeing what everyone else links to. Such a great way to find new things - or things by people I love but have somehow overlooked.