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The Old Year is Almost Over, a New One Nearly Begun...

New Year's is just three hours away in my corner of the world - and if the past ten years are any indication, my sweetheart and I will be asleep long before the ball drops. (Especially considering the glasses of "Bitches Brew" imperial stout we had with dinner.)

My new down comforter arrived last week; along with new sheets, a mountain of pillows and duvet cover, Euclid quite approves. He's built for comfort, not speed - unlike us silly human beings, in our silly wheels, slaves to the machines we built to "liberate" us.

I wish you joy, I wish you peace; I wish you all the love, compassion and kindness you've shown me this past year time and again, a thousand times over. Our fandom is a good fandom.

See you on the flip side.
Happy New Year to you, your lady, and to Euclid - your precious friend. May your lives be filled with love and joy and happiness.

And to you, dear Gabrielle, we wish you all the joy you can gather in your heart, may all good things come your way!

Happy 2014!

Sometimes I've been tempted to sleep in, but there's too much noise outside for it.