Happy Christmas or whatever you're celebrating now to you too! Have a good time!
Thanks Kiki! Have a wonderful holiday - are you celebrating?

We've got the 99 cent stockings from the second-hand store filled and hung on the wall (it's my honey's favorite Christmas ritual, the stocking gifts.)
- (Anonymous)
Thank you, and you as well@! Anything planned? (Tomorrow it'll just be my sweetie and me and the turkey we got from her new job. And presents for one another! Still gotta have presents no matter how old we get.)

I'd get one of those if we had a tree! our six-coat hangers and tinsel version my honey bought ten plus years ago got shish-kabobed in the fire - along with my antlers headband. :(

Have a wonderful holiday, sweetie!
At work we've been saying "Happy mid-winter holiday of your choice!" *g*
See, this is why I like that my language still sticks with "yule" - more or less nondenominational and requiring nothing more than having a good time and sacrificing goats to Thor WHO WROTE THAT?

So happy one of those and celebrate what you want how you want.
But I like goats! You can have my neighbor's stupid overweight cat for a sacrifice - little fucker got all scratchy-bitey on me and drew blood. He must go!
I hope your holiday was a good one and sorry I didn't reply sooner! I love the ribbon banner - or at least it reminds me of the embroidered ribbons that used to be so popular! (I have a thing about ribbons, apparently.) How is your season going thus far? Well, I hope. (Most of my friends answer that question with the word "Quiet" and a big smile on their faces. I apparently hang out with folks who eschew most of the mainstream craziness - that or internet shopping has made all our lives easier, IDK.)
ray's new home on lj
I had a pretty good season all in. Still got to get over this last hurdle but hey :-)

Anyway I've started rebuilding online by starting to set up a new lj today. Hope to see you there.

Best wishes for you and your love,
Re: ray's new home on lj
Thanks for the heads up on the new journal account. Are you still keeping your original DW account as your "primary" one?

I'm glad you've had a good holiday season. When I've asked my friends how their holiday went the word that comes up over and over is "quiet", in the best sort of way. I think the people I tend to hang with do their level best to avoid the craziness that the season has become as much as possible.

friending your new account now!