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The Insurance Inventory is Finished (for the moment)! Happiness Ensues!

Or rather it would ensue if I wasn't so freaking exhausted. But it's sent off and done. (the contents list was actually my partner's thing that were destroyed in the fire and covered by her renters' insurance, but I was doing the work on it while she goes off and earns a paycheck, bless her.)

I know I didn't get everything on their but they only pay so many anyway and there just comes a point where I couldn't. COULDN'T get it all on there.

My sweetie just called and said we'd go out to dinner to celebrate, yay. And I'm still in my pajamas.

In other news: way way behind on fic, vid and other recs for y'all, so I plan to resume after the weekend.

The second honeymoon we were enjoying in this apartment of my partner and I sleeping together (in a double bed) for the first time in years has ended already: I snore and it wakes her up too often and then she's tired at work. I admit I cried a little. So it's back to separate beds for us. I'm on an inflatable this time in our erstwhile office, which feels like I'm a visitor here. The upside is I'm in the room with the laptop and can stay on after she goes to sleep - given the fact that I stay up very late reading fanfic, that probably isn't such a good thing after all! And, I miss the cuddling. I love her, I do, but god I'm human. We hadn't cuddled every morning like that in almost ten years. It does a number on a girl.

And I miss the comfort brand new down mattress and pretty duvet cover, a rare luxury (and necessity) for us. I know there are millions of people in the world who don't have a bed to sleep on and I keep reminding myself of that!  But, only human here.
Yay for the finished inventory!

Have you tried those little nose strip things? I don't know if they work for everyone, but they're pretty cheap and they seem to cut down on snoring for some people.
Nose strips AND earplugs. We picked up the CVS generic nose strips and they've improved them, made them stronger and more adhesive. Works for me but doesn't do the trick for her, she says. (of course she's convinced that SHE does not snore, just me. Uh-huh.)
*hugs you lots*

I am sorry about the sleeping arrangements. Probably a stupid question - and feel free to smack me - but have you tried those Breathe Right strips?

Not a stupid question at all (I'd never smack you!...*refrains from making suggestive joke*) See my reply to Barb above - we're used nose strips and earplugs and she claims they don't do the trick.
Good for you for finishing such a big chore!

When my Hub started using a CPAP machine, it was such a boon. I could sleep without listening to him rumble and gasp!

Though I find I almost never cuddle up to him when he's wearing the CPAP mask. It would be like... cuddling up to Darth Vader. Or somebody on a respirator, ew. *G*

It would be like... cuddling up to Darth Vader. Or somebody on a respirator, ew. *G*


I actually had trouble finding a photo of the mask itself, finally came across this image and I see what you mean:

That would just be weird. I wonder how long it took him to get used to wearing it though? Is it comfortable? I'm having trouble imaging having that on all night.

If I got one we'd just have to do the cuddling before I put it on, I guess. Maybe it wouldn't bother her if I was facing away from her. (Spooning FTW)
It did take him awhile to get used to sleeping with the mask. I can't remember how long now; it's been several years.

He sleeps much better now, but the downside is that he can't sleep at all without the machine. So if a part gets left behind on a trip, it's a big crisis. Last time we had a power outage, we had to stay in a hotel.
So if a part gets left behind on a trip, it's a big crisis. Last time we had a power outage, we had to stay in a hotel.

Should I feel guilty for chuckling at this? Maybe it's not funny at all because he really can't breathe
*hugs you tight*
I recommend wax ear plugs and a white noise machine. That's how I sleep through my fiance's snoring and still get my cuddles.

Hope the two of you find a solution!!
*Hugs back*

We've tried nose strips on me, and the white wax earplugs for both of us. I think they work, she doesn't. We have not tried the white noise machine though, that's definitely an idea. Readerjane said above that her hubby wears a CPAP mask at night (like a respirator aid I guess?) and I haven't looked into that. (I'm actually kind of weirded out by the notion.)

Well she did take me out to a Thai restaurant for dinner tonight. I just may have to "blackmail" her more often. *LOL*
A CPAP is what they prescribe for people with sleep apnea (which does cause snoring IIRC.) It may be used for other respiratory issues as well, not sure...
I'd been to a doctor a few years back and did a test to see if I had sleep apnea but I guess it was negative or inconclusive or somesuch. Maybe I need a second opinion. My mom had sinus surgery back in the 1970's which seemed to have helped her ability to breathe etc; I've thought of it but it's not the priority right now.

YAY!! Hugs and champagne to celebrate! And I LOL'd at your "life outside the Buffyverse" tag.
Actually you can have the champagne Lexi; the only alcohol I drink is Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout beer a couple of times a month. (I have a big one in the fridge right now, actually, that I haven't opened. Must rectify that.)

I LOL'd at your "life outside the Buffyverse" tag.

You noticed that? Neat. I suck at titles but that one amuses me too.

Obviously my plan to JUST be a "fandom" site went by the wayside a while back. (But, Buffy helps me understand stuff about myself so that counts, right?)
Yay for happiness and celebration and finishing the inventory!

I mean, you go through destruction, then you have to do that frickin' chore.

I'm sorry you can't cuddle up with your Sweetie... Is there a way to make laptops cuddly? Y'know, for small comforts? And as someone who's spent a terrifying amount of time on inflatable mattresses, I fell for you, because before long, those things are the devil.

It's totally okay to be upset about that! We're humans, we're selfish, we need snuggles to sustain life - scientific fact right there.
Thank you sweetie! It's so kind of you to have sympathy for my stuff when you're going through, like, whoa, major shit. (At least to my mind. being pretty much housebound? That's been me without the tube for about a year, so - ugh.)

And yes, that inventory was kind of a nightmare. Even if you take photos of everything I don't know that it would be enough. that doesn't tell you what you paid back then and where (which they want) and what you'd have to pay now and where. thank god you can get almost anything on amazon. I wished I'd had a more organized brain.

Is there a way to make laptops cuddly?

Hah. funny you should say that; She whipped out her ipod this morning as she always does lately, and talked about having her laptop next to the bed again like she used to in the other apartment. (She went from disliking and avoiding technology - refused to even own a microwave until ten years ago - to getting up every morning and immediately getting on the computer.)

Now I'm imaging a fuzzy pink laptop cover. That would make her just scream and run the other way. *lol*

Actually we tried to sleep together last night but left and slept on the inflatable half the night because she said she couldn't stand my snoring etc. So that idea went out the window. Points to her for not kicking me out, but she's the one with a job outside the house so she really needs to get her sleep. And she has chronic pain in her back, hips, legs etc. I really do feel for her.

But at least we got to sit up together and watch a documentary on Netflix before going to sleep. that will still be our cuddle time!