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Happy Birthday eilowyn (Lexi) - you're one of many people who make being here on LJ and this fandom in particular a genuinely joyful and intellectually-stimulating experience for me, which is a needful thing as of late. Thank you for letting me be "part of the conversation" and have a chance to use parts of my brain that have been gathering cobwebs since college. Here's looking forward to a better, brighter year ahead, and to many more conversations about the things we both love.

Ok, this is me trying to get back on track...I missed the deadline for this round of the Buffyverse Top 5 Classic Recs because I got the dates wrong on my calender; I've missed a zillion other birthdays in the last month: rebcake, snickfic, superplin, lostboy_lj, dragonydreams, coalitiongirl, treadingthedark, prophecygirrl....and that's just off the top of my head. I suck. The "I'm still dealing with the chaos and trauma of a housefire" excuse gets old fast. (And I just paraphrased Xander chastising Anya from one of my least favorite (most despised) moments of the series? Just take me out back behind the barn....)

My new excuse, however, "I haven't gotten a solid night's sleep in ages thanks to chronic pain AND hot flashes!" is one I can milk indefinitely.
The fire? Nowhere near past its expiration date as a perfectly legitimate excuse. It was a fire. *hugs you* Have I mentioned how glad I am that you and your inamorata made it out?

You have sweetie but your support is always appreciated! I was sort of joking of course (and trying to find a funny way to say ha-ha I've started having hot flashes, which is NOT fun at all); but I actually may end up doing another post about it. because technically? I caused it. I almost killed my lover. that's a fact.

Ookay - more hugs please?
Thanks sweetie! *hugs back*

But now I'm pulling focus from the birthday girl, that's not nice of me is it?

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The housefire thing has totally NOT gotten old - you are entirely entitled to complain.


Oh wait until you hear my latest complaint, sweetie (and thank you btw) - or maybe I should do a complaint/rant post and put it all together? (hotflasheslumpectomyormastectomyinmynearfutureANDmysweetiehasgonebacktowantingtosleepseparatelybecauseIsnore
andsheworksduringthedayandneedshersleep....*le sigh*)

Did you understand any of that? ;)
Oh Honey, all the hugs my arms can offer before they fall off!

That sucks muchly, and I'm sorry. I can't even... - I hope things start looking up soon.

*sigh* Life can be a suck-ful thing.
Given the recent context of your life hon, the "arms fall off" image is incredibly gross - and I'm grinning like a fool right now, so thank you. LAUGHTER FTW!

(on a more serious note - yeah, it does. I'll get through but I've had my days of "WHY this why everything NOW, all at once?" Yes I can endure I'm a survivor blah blah bitty blah of course I can I always have BUT...sometimes one just wants to curl up in a ball for a little bit. You know.)

Ask me again why Buffy's my hero, folks.
Thank you lovey! And take as long as you want with the chaos and trauma!
My pleasure, Lexi! I'm so glad we finally connected, however that came together; you're a very dear heart.

take as long as you want with the chaos and trauma!

Not so much "want" as have to let it unfold in it's own way, I guess.

a couple of weeks ago my sweetie turned to me first thing in the morning as we were waking and said she dreamed that the new apartment we're in now was on fire and we had to do it all over again. I haven't had that dream, thank goodness, but I'm very careful around the gas stove, and I won't even light a match.