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Buffy and Tara fanart by Comlodge (Oh my!) The good stuff just keeps on coming.

So here's the sequence of events (and there will be a pop quiz later, so pay attention please):

1) clockwork_hart1 asked for fic requests in order to occupy herself whilst in the hospital. I asked for a Buffy & Tara friendship fic. She responded with "Talk to Me (That's What Friends Are For)" . In case you missed my pimpage the other day it's a "missing scene" that takes the dross of one of the mind-bogglingly worst episodes in the series, "As You Were" and spins pure gold from it. Buffy goes to Tara after the credits roll and offer each other compassion, kindness, and gentle understanding, punctuated by tears and laughter. The story also makes explicit a point that, like every other connection between them, is underplayed and overlooked: Both Tara and Buffy have, at some point in the series, believed themselves to literally be "demons", to be "wrong" at their very being and been scarred by that belief. (And clockwork_hart1 wrote this while recovering in the hospital, people. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!)

2) comlodge read the story and created a gorgeous Buffy and Tara friendship banner for it. There's something in the delicate coloring that emphasizes the emotional fragility of the characters, even as the text from the Burt Bacharach/Carol Sager song assures us of the strength of their bond. She used one of the screencaps from that last scene in Dead Things of Buffy and Tara in Buffy's living room. (You know that scene, right? The one that smashes my heart into tiny pieces no matter how many times I watch it, and is one of the reasons Dead Things was the very first ep I had to watch when I finally got internet in my new apartment?) comlodge is known and loved mostly for her Spike fanart but every time she turns her attention to other characters in the 'verse she knocks it out of the park.

ETA: And she did another Buffy & Tara banner just before that I only just now saw - same scene, but the moment where Buffy's head is in Tara's lap, sobbing "Please don't forgive me." Very different tonal feel from one banner to the other; both of them equally gorgeous. It's not who she's sleeping with that is, at heart, the issue here IMO; it's her shame and guilt regarding her own behavior. (And has anyone else noticed that Joyce's photograph is next to Tara in that scene btw?) Imagine that she's sleeping with Xander; or random strangers off the street and the scene plays exactly the same way.

MORE, PLEASE. I have to say that all these "presents" and creativity, one idea leading to another, a work in one medium inspiring another and who knows what either one will inspire in turn? This is one of the finest aspects of fandom - of this fandom in particular.  Also of interest to me if nobody else: Thanks to clockwork_hart1 I have been a beta for the first time ever in Buffyverse fandom. That's a present (to me) in and of itself.

SO NOW I'M GOING TO MAKE ANOTHER REQUEST: A BUFFY and TARA FANVID. Something that emphasizes the parallels between them. Or one that focuses on Tara's role in the Buffyverse outside of W/T: sister, friend, mother-figure; the stranger who truly "sees" (Who are You); the bridge between Buffy's symbolic sisters (Willow and Tara) and her literal sister (Dawn), who replaces Faith as the "harbinger of Dawn" (Restless); the girls marked out as "different, demonic" and carry that shame within themselves; and so forth. I can provide the meta ideas, if need be.

Anyone want to take me up on it? 
Gimme a song for the Buffy/Tara fanvid, and I'll throw around some ideas for it. But my skills are beyond basic and I have a short attention span and no follow through, so don't expect much. I do, however, have about 1000 words on a fic I started when you first requested Buffy/Tara friendship. So there's something I can contribute to the love fest at some future point in time.
Let me think about that! I haven't any song in mind oddly enough, for the two of them. Maybe you finish the fic first while I mull on it? *squees* I have SO many meta notes that maybe I should just start POSTING them here, even if I think they're rough, because I think that would also provide a lot of ideas? (Just not a song, darn it. I am woefully behind when it comes to contemporary music.)
The story by clockwork_hart1 is a lovely little vignette and could so easily be 'seen' as part of the show. Thank you for the kind words. It's good to step outside one's own little obsessions from time to time. :D
could so easily be 'seen' as part of the show

Very much so. And there's enough suggestion if you read between the lines that they interacted far more than we saw. (Willow's jealousy or feeling of "outsiderness" re: Buffy and Tara and the argument in Tough Love suggests as much.)

It's good to step outside one's own little obsessions from time to time. :D

I still need to work on that one. (Every time I tell myself I will not mention Spuffy in this convo thread, nope I - go and do it anyway. Oy vey.)

Your banner really is lovely and, like Winged!Buffy, all the more a treat for being unexpected. (Buffy may not like surprises but I do! If they like this, anyway.)
I really have to go back and watch the show because it's always been about the Spike and I really skipped a lot of the rest. :D

Buffy can be a bit boring like that. I sometimes think she is too linear and therefor leans to the masculine, in her thought patterns. I wonder if that is because they were writing her like a man trying to make her the hero. Hmmm.
I really have to go back and watch the show because it's always been about the Spike and I really skipped a lot of the rest

I really do encourage it. you understand Buffy so much better I think that way. (Remember that in Joss' canon in the movie and in a flashback in Becoming, Buffy had another Watcher, Merrick. He died fighting a vampire, right in front of her; she had to burn down the school gym at Hemery High to defeat him. So there was already a downward social trajectory for her from Cordelia-esque cheerleader to outcast when she walks into Sunnydale HS.) You can really see in the long term how Spuffy and Bangel are opposites of one another, how the relationships play out; her earlier traumas, etc: being killed by the Master the first time and dealing with the PTSD - a thing to remember really, Buffy has untreated PTSD all the way through the series. She has to lie to her mother and everyone else except Giles and the SG about her identity, per Giles' instructions. Her relationship with her father is tenuous. etc

Buffy can be a bit boring

Boring? I don't find her that at all; she's not as flamboyant as Willow or Spike; but also seeing the early seasons will give you some perspective on that. the events of the show alter her drastically. A lot of that, honestly is due to her friends, and Xander, well-meaning as he is, plays a key role in the mixed message of "I admire you and love you but I'll judge you harshly if you don't meet my expectations." I'm not saying she's not at fault either; they are both kids from broken homes with little guidance.

Oh, honey I'm still in awe of how gorgeous that banner is, and I'm so glad you think it could have been 'seen' in the show. You make me blush.

It's good to step outside one's own little obsessions from time to time. :D

Right? That's exactly what I was doing with the fic - very first time writing Tara! - and it seems to have paid off really well. the same goes for your art, it's spectacular, even though it's a different flavour to what you're used to. x
Sorry. I don't make videos. I sure hope someone creates this one for you!

I bet you'd be awesome if you did do videos (I haven't shipped Angel/Willow - or wouldn't have if you didn't but your gifs give me wicked ideas.) But the thing about vidding - I'd love to, but don't have the hardware, software or even the DVD's as source material. So much more involved than taking pen to paper!

FYI: Eilowyn is considering it at some future point.
Isn't the banner just perfect?

Wow, I was stunned, and I'm over the moon she's let me use it as a banner for the fic.

Also, you've been a wonderful beta, particularly when my half my brain is closed for maintenance. Your help, critiques and support have been so helpful and I am very grateful for it. I'm glad you've taken pleasure in it for yourself, too! x
The banner is gorgeous, as is the one she did the day before that - have you seen the banner she did at my request for brutti_ma_buoni's "The One with Wings"?

And I'm blushing here - it really was my pleasure and an honor that you allowed me to beta the story! BTW - I just looked at it and the way you broke up those little sections of each girl's POV back and forth (rather like Sweetprincipal's "Scarred" did) and that is such a brilliantly simply fix! I'm kicking myself for not noticing how easy that would have been to do.
I have looked at the other Buffy and Tara banner, but not "The One With Wings" one. I must take a look. I'm always awed by how talented she is with her art!

I was surprised at how simple it was to fix the POV dilema in the end. Who knew it'd be that easy?

Oh, and before I forget, I've almost finished my Willow/Angel story but I'm afraid it's a little clunky. When it's done would you mind taking a quick look before I publish it - your help hasn't steered me wrong yet.

(It's totally okay for you to say no, by the way, it's quite long and does deal - though only slightly - with the Ats timeline, so no pressure! Just let me know, 'kay?)

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Sorry I don't make videos, but I hope someone comes through for you.

Thanks for the recs though!