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Ask Nicely and Ye May Well Receive: Buffy, Tara friendship fic by Clock_hart1

"Talk to Me (That's What Friends Are For)" by clockwork_hart1 is a response to my request for a Buffy and Tara friendship fic in which Tara ISN'T depicted as a perfect saint.  She came through with this missing scene: Buffy goes to Tara after the credits roll in As You Were, talk about their broken relationships, offer one another a moment of solace and wonder "Am I doing the right thing, and what does "right thing" even mean?" Two motherless (and de facto fatherless) young women struggle and encourage each other towards a place of honesty that they can't share with anyone else.

"Buffy could hear the conversation they weren't having beneath the one they were."

The moment where Buffy thanks Tara for taking care of Dawn the summer between S5 and S6 just about did me in. I don't think I've seen it in another fic, the show didn't bother to give it to us; and in clockwork's telling I can almost hear Buffy's voice break and soften to a whisper.

ETA: This fic was written the other day while clockwork was in the HOSPITAL. And dealing with a freakin' FEED TUBE, no less. (Which has led to an interesting discussion re: American vs UK health care systems, but I digress...)  Have I ever written anything while in the hospital? NO. (I'm just too grumpy and sleepy and those are definitely not my favorite dwarves.)

I am so not worthy....

Between this, dragonyphoenix writing a Giles as Big Bad fic, and comlodge's Winged!Buffy pretties, I have got to start to making requests more often because it is SO much fun to see the results.

(It probably goes without saying that if you LOVE Spike as fiercely as I love Buffy and/or you just hate her...um...this might not be the fic for you. Vague disclaimers are no one's friend but they make for a handy acquaintance.)

Aww, honey I'm still so glad you liked it so.

Your rec makes it sound so much better than it is!

Thank you so much for reccing it, and if you have any more requests... I'll see what I can do. x
I'll keep that in mind, hon! And it's my pleasure to rec it.

(I forgot to mention that you wrote this while in the hospital - is it ok to add that to the post or no?)
Let me just step in and say I think the story is every bit as awesome as she does! *also many hugs and hopes that you are feeling better*

The link to the fic goes to photobucket! I NEED Buffy+Tara comfort fic before I take a test in two hours! Of course, I could spend the time studying...
OH CRAP, thank you for spotting that! ALL FIXED! *phew*

I mean, it'll take, what, ten minutes. Plenty of time to study. Buffy & Tara comfort fic is a needful thing!
Isn't it?

Oh and speaking of 'splendid stories' - I FINALLY got to read "Blink and You'll Miss What You Never Saw" today thanks to the SunnyD Awards list, but didn't have time to leave you a proper review, along the lines of "Where has this story been all my (fangirl) life?"
From your description, I was afraid clockwork_hart had been unkind to poor little Spike. But it was a beautiful fic and it was right on about their relationship. The line about him seeing her drowning and not being able to swim was perfect. And I agree, it was nice to see that Tara is not always all-knowing. A lovely moment between Buffy and Tara.
Oh dear, I hope I don't scare someone off of her fic! I'm very glad you took the chance. I just - have you ever had someone rec a fic to you and you wish afterwards there'd been a warning or two? That's happened to me a couple of times lately so I figured, forewarned is forearmed.

The line about him seeing her drowning and not being able to swim was perfect.

THAT was exactly the line that I thought "someone's gonna hate this."

it was nice to see that Tara is not always all-knowing.

clockwork_hart1 came through beautifully there. For all my talk I've never managed to come up with anything like this.

I want to bang my head against the wall whenever I see Tara painted as a two-dimensional saint. That's entirely different from "kind, loving and decent person".
Oh, thanks for propagating this. :)

And thanks to the writer, too. ;-)
It's definitely on my list of stories to read! I'm looking forward to it.