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Ethan and Eyghon and the Scythe, Oh My!

dragonyphoenix is writing a "Giles as Big Bad" fic inspired by my post on the subject back in February, when I asked if any such beast existed; since then I still have not come across any such. I still don't understand why, because the bones of the idea are all over the series. Ethan Rayne will be part of it, of course, and the jist of it is at present: Eyghon has been able to influence and corrupt Rupert over the years. Rupert's plan, as he arrives at the Hellmouth and takes over as Buffy's Watcher, is to corrupt the Slayer line by calling Eyghon down into the Scythe.

Oh yes PLEASE. I love to draw parallels and comparisons across the buffyverse seasons so bringing together the early seasons, so that aspect alone is catnip. And Ethan? The Ripper backstory? All of it was so underused in the series. Yes, I know, aimed at a teenage audience blah blah....I want this so bad you have no idea.  No pressure or anything like that.  *shifty eyes*

In terms of bringing the Scythe into the Buffyverse in earlier seasons I'm slightly reminded of leni_ba's  Buffy/Angelus AU Courting Sin 'verse, in which Angelus gives Buffy the Scythe to make her more powerful, to continue to draw her to him and make her his newest "work of art". The Scythe was dropped into S7 to make the Buffyverse match up to Joss' Frayverse, so it's a deus ex machina and it's "myth"? Pure racist crap and totally up for grabs re: rewrites.
Ah not mine, (alas) dragonyphoenix's - and velvetwhip offered excellent suggestions as well. Seriously, I've been wanting someone to write this - but did I try to write it myself? No. My brain disappoints me.

This fic is going to be a treat, though.

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It probably won't be until the end of the year at least but I feel like a kid before bedtime on Christmas Eve. ("I will be patient, I will be patient...now please?")
I must be missing something. “Racist”? I’m sure there’s meaning and reasoning behind that, but it just doesn’t connect with anything I can think of. Clarification would be much appreciated.
Re: the Scythe I'm sure someone has written meta on it (perhaps Eleusis_walks, I'm away from my home puter at the moment and don't have links, but "Someone has to speak for her" is the relevant meta I believe) but basically - The "Guardian" draws on fantasies of European matriarchal "wiccan" or pagan cultures (celtic/goddess religions, etc) that were popular for a few decades (I dabbled in it in college in the '90's); the Guardian claims that she is the last of the Guardians who were around since the dawn of time - which implies that "white" homo sapiens have existed before or concurrently with humans in Africa; and in giving Buffy the Scythe she represents the "good" side of Slayer powers - white, European, female.

In contrast, in Get it Done, the Shadowmen - three African males - represent the "dark" or "bad" side of Slayer powers (the side that Buffy has feared since she was called - Nightmares); and is depicted not just as a rape of a girl by a demon but in GiD it's portrayed as the gang rape of a white girl, Buffy, who rejects the attempt to replicate the original violation of the First Slayer: "This is not the way!" (And in contrast we never actually see or hear from the First Slayer in this episode. She has no voice, no power and the white girl has to speak for her.

I don't need to recount how the fears of black men "raping our women" and "miscegenation of the races" were used as excuses for lynching black men well into the 20th century.
I have a feeling none of this ever occurred to the writers at the time - I don't think it was done on purpose at all - but I'm still amazed that not one person said "Wait a minute, is this a good idea?"

The show's record of race is not good from the beginning; but in S7 the writers seem to be making an effort to have more "diversity" onscreen; the harder they tried, the more they fucked up.
I've read lots on race and vampire narratives (did I know you when I did the conference paper on race in The Vampire Diaries? There was a section on Buffy in it), and I completely agree. Even when you throw Christianity out the window, it's white European paganism that replaces it. Have you read this or seen this? The article is interesting, but the vid is amazing (and fascinating in that it uses a white rapper to tell the stories of characters of color).
Everything you say makes sense, but all of those points seem to require at least a bit of reaching. If anything, it appears to me that the depiction of the First Slayer was a general recognition that humanity (almost certainly, according to the best evidence currently available) originated in Africa; further, the intention seems to be that the Shadow Men be seen as the self-appointed controllers that eventually became what we call the Watchers, so that any adversarial content contained is gender-based — “the patriarchy” — rather than racial.

It’s one thing to speculate on the possible implications in a story, and all your speculations are valid. To simply call it racist, however, makes it sound as if the writers have been found guilty of any attitude you are possibly able to imagine in their work. That seems a bit stern.
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Yikes, I hope I'm not adding any pressure *shifty eyes*. I'm really not worried at all; the ideal is sterling and your writing from what I've seen is of a very high quality.
It's never truer that there's power in a name, as when LJ e-mails you to say your LJ-handle has been mentioned. lol. ;)

Really looking forward to this fic. I know dragonyphoenix by her drabbles and shorter fiction at open_on_sunday, so I'm sure this new world will be worth the read. And thank you for dropping the seed of it!

Well... back to my own re-write of S1. And to think that just 15 minutes ago, I was thinking that there were too few fics that changed canon from the start!
Actually I'm surprised you haven't before because I know I've rec'd your stories to others - or does this function only work when you're mentioned in an actual post and not in a reply? IDK. rahirah was the one who told me the function existed and how to turn it on and I admit I turned into a gleeful little girl the first time I got one of those.

And to think that just 15 minutes ago, I was thinking that there were too few fics that changed canon from the start!

There are, to be honest, and one more isn't going to change that. Or rather - I think there are too few really good or interesting ones. Or more accurately, ones that interest yours truly.

Have you read bone_dry1013's Origins/Seasons? She alters canon to depict Buffy from her calling at Hemery High and ignores most of the pre-tv series canon, includes the NAverse and the Keyverse (presence of Dawn); for the series itself she doesn't change canon though so much as go deeper emotionally or show "deleted scenes" focusing on Buffy's emotions or her relationships with her friends and Giles; she "rewrites" S1 in such a way that it is more tonally consistent with S2 and after.

I'd be up for series that rewrite the entire canon if they do it really well and don't bash Buffy or "punish" her. I've read a lot of *ahem* Spuffy fics that try to insert Spike into Buffy's life as her lover far earlier than canon - or rather, I've read a few and then gotten bored. Most of the time they don't work for me, in part because the emphasis seems to be on softness, on domesticity, on undying love, on making Buffy softer, kinder, more feminine and yielding, etc etc. And she's almost never the hero as she is in your series. Which is weird to me, to be honest.