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Needing Advice: A Place to Store Word/Pages Documents

My sweetie is not too fond of the idea of me creating and storing Pages docs (the Mac version of Word) on her laptop, now our only computer; she's worried about it filling up etc. (I love that woman, oh how I do, but....ever seen the scene in the movie The Kids Are Alright re: "micromanaging"? That's pretty much us.)

So I'd like to have a place where I can create, edit and store documents online and store them there, now that I've just filled up another notebook with fic drafts and meta notes; something along the lines of Photobucket, but for documents rather than photos.

FYI: the simpler the better. I've heard of iCloud and still have no idea what it is (despite <lj user=comlodge>'s careful explanation of it); I'm pretty computer savvy in some ways but most of y'all are way ahead of me in a lot of other areas. Thanks muchly!
I remain suspicious about having everything online only...

Why don't you just get an external drive and save everything there? It won't impact on the laptop as you just unplug it! And the bonus is that if you get another computer there will be no having to move stuff around.
I have thought about that - my budget is meager right now but my sweetie bought new La Cie portable one and I think they can be had for under $50? (So either - save my pennies or - Christmas is right around the corner *shifty eyes*)
I use GoogleDocs (or GoogleDrive as it's now called) for my fic writing, and I haven't had any problems with it. It's basically all the office tools, only online - very easy to use. You can either create (and edit) files directly there, or upload them from your hard drive. Plus if you have a Gmail account, you already have account there as well.

Ok, I am technologically delayed, so when I tell you that iCloud is completely manageable, I mean it. I'm probably repeating what comlodge explained, BUT: when you are getting ready to save a document, click on file, hit the option key (and keep pressing option -- don't stop), and it will say "save as." Click on "save as" while continuing to hold the option key. The screen that comes up asks where you want the document saved. Click iCloud. That's it.
I've tried your instructions a few times (thanks muchly!) I'm not finding an option for iCloud (perhaps its because this computer was purchased in '09 or so and has an older operating system?) There's iWeb but that's set up for blog posts and such. (Admittedly a good option.)

Maybe I need to google this or call the apple store?
I just tried to download a pages doc (I'd saved as first to the harddrive just in case) and when I try to upload into a folder in Google docs I get a lost connection to server message. given that I'm still online I have no idea how that's even possible. (*pouts*)
Google Drive sounds like what you need. Now I'm going to go save my own stuff. Thanks for reminding me!
I just gave it a go and saved my first doc on it - now I'll play with Dropbox. Never hurts to have it in a lot of places...
I'll give that a try as well, can't hurt to have it in more than one place, thanks! I hadn't heard of it before.
If you don't need the documents to stay in Pages format, I'd recommend Google Drive. It's free with a free GMail account, and as long as you're doing only text (not music or videos), you won't run out of space.

If you want to preserve the formatting for the app you're used to composing in, I'd say Dropbox. That's also free.

With either Google Drive or Dropbox, you can retrieve your documents from any computer, work on them, and save them back to your online storage space. No carrying around disks or flash drives!

ETA: Reading through the other comments prompts me to add: tangible storage like external drives, thumb drives or CDs are okay, but I'd caution against only using physical storage. Too easy to lose them or have them destroyed.

If you like multiple backups (and are organized enough to keep track of which version of each document is backed up where), why not do all three: an inexpensive thumb drive you can keep on your keychain, plus Dropbox, plus Google Drive?

That way, even if the disaster genii strikes two of your storage spaces in the same week, you'd still have a third.

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tangible storage like external drives, thumb drives or CDs are okay, but I'd caution against only using physical storage.

Oh absolutely. thumb drives remind me of floppies in how delicate they are - I've had one I barely used just stop functioning one day. I use them to temporarily transfer information but not for storage.

and are organized enough to keep track of which version of each document is backed up where

Hah I wish I were. but I do like having things in multiple places; keeping track of which is where is probably wishful thinking for me with my brain the way it is. The fire taught and re-taught me a few hard lessons. It's like exercise, you have to keep from getting lazy and letting it slide.
Yup, I just followed the instructions upthread thanks to ruuger and gabrielle and saved my first doc to a folder there. Next time I'll actually create the document there first. Knowledge is of the good!
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I'll have to keep track of which files I have the most recent version of and possibly be unsure I have everything.

Back when I was collaborating on a WIP in the Moulin Rouge category with a friend on ff.net we used to email back and forth and man, was it a mess - but neither one of us was very organized. Two writers with ADD = a thousand docs between us and not a lot getting done.