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I Pimp, Therefore I Am: Buffyverse Top 5 Classic Recs Edition for Halloween

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Buffyverse Top 5 Classic Recs: Starting at midnight GMT on October 31 (6 PM EST in the U.S. on Oct 30) Buffyverse Top 5 will be celebrating Halloween through all the time zones for  four days. Fics, vids, artwork, etc of ANY age across the Jossverse, including crossovers.

Last January was my first time participating in the annual Buffyverse Top 5 and I'm not a list-maker by nature, but this was as addictive as popcorn sprinkled with smoked applewood salt and ground rosemary.

dragonyphoenix asked a VERY important question for this round: "There are stories I'd like to rec but can't find links to. Can I list my top 5 stores I'd rec if I could find the links?" Fortunately the answer to that is "Yes". This is timely and relevant if you're like me and your desktop computer with hundreds of links and bookmarks was recently turned into a rather pricey charcoal briquette.
(The other day I spent hours searching through molly_may's journal just to find the link to her superb meta on Giles in S7 to share with bone_dry1013. I kid you not. You don't even want to know how much time it took me to find stultiloquentia's Self Indulgent Post-NFA Spuffy Ramble, a fic I love with all my heart, because I couldn't remember how to spell "stultiloquentia". This is embarrassing, kids.)

I'm thinking I may cheat a bit and do a list of "favorite meta writers" rather than favorite metas. I mean, how do you decide which of the_royal_anna's or beer_good_foamy's metas are "best"? How do you decide which sunset is more beautiful, which pearl more lustrous, than all the others?  I am also planning on doing at least one or three posts on my favorite fan videos; fan vids get less love in this part of fandom here on LJ, IMO, than fics do; this is tragic and must be corrected.  Some of them will actually be by people other than nvrbnkisst. Prepare to be shocked.

You don't need to sell me on vids, I adore them! spikesredqueen even made some especially for two of my stories and I am still in awe of how she was somehow able to create Willow/Angel storylines in visual form. *sighs dreamily*


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Do you have links to those or are they private? I haven't seen any Angel/Willow (ok haven't sought them out) vids but I'd love recs to good ones. (I am EXTREMELY particular when it comes to videos. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

And word on the video love - I'd been planning to do some posts anyway so this just gives me extra motivation!
THANK YOU! I'll check them out when I get home (I'm at my local co-op today volunteering - and at the moment goofing off a little.)
We've been members almost since it opened - we're going to celebrate our 6th anniversary in Feb and we've been growing by leaps and bounds every year. Two years ago it was entirely run by volunteers and now there are several PT employees.

It's pretty much the only place we shop for food - but then again I get a nice member discount (and scrounge for the freebies. Shame is useless in the face of a tight budget.)
Thanks! Do you think you'll want to participate? I love that everyone has access to things that I'm not aware of yet.
I have been thinking about it. I am SO out of the loop! I don't even remember where to find the stories I loved, and maybe they would end up not being as magical as I remembered. But I'm a strong believer that a fandom doesn't exist without participation, so I will work to put together a couple posts.
That would be great! and as yourlibrarian told dragonyphoenix it's ok to have something on the list you don't have a link for.

If you're not sure they'd still be as "magical" as you remembered (or if your tastes have just changed) you could do it as sort of a nostalgia thing? "These are the stories that got me into fandom/that I loved back in the day" etc. because someone else will no doubt love them too.

People other than Anne (nvrbnkisst) actually make Buffy vids? What a concept! haha

Anyway, have fun recc'ing! I'm excited to see what you come up with!
Have you seen the Buffy tribute video Afterthebattle did for International women's day 2013? It's the only "epic" btvs vid I've seen that I've watched over and over.

I'm excited to see what other folks come up with! Especially now that my own bookmarks have gone kaput.
Thanks hon! I probably won't have much that people here don't already know quite well but that's the point of this round - it's about the "classics".

What's amazing to me is that so much material is still available all these years later.