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Happy Birthmonth to The Royal Anna!

I'm heading off to the Cape this morning for a little holiday, but I saw the the_royal_anna's birthday is on the 21st, so here's my wishes now in case I'm not near the 'puter then. (I'm early, woo-hoo!)

Anna's metas on Buffy and Spike were some of the first Buffyverse fandom metas I read when I came to LJ and still some of the best I've read. I quote her constantly and enjoy every thing she has to say about the show, and about those two characters. Never mind that most were written TEN YEARS ago. Back when the show was still on, when it was ending, and her writing to me captures what it would have been like to be a fan, watching it then. Her love for the show, for those two crazy kids, is vivid and infectious, and her analysis gorgeous and insightful prose-poems that have stood the test of time. I may disagree on individual points but I haven't come across anyone who has matched her.

And not just about Buffy & Spike - she left a short reply on my Buffy & Tara post about the richness of the relationships of women in the verse; and she captured Buffy's raw pain in The Body in a single, seemingly random sentence on her own journal recently.
If she never wrote another word, what she's already given is gift enough. But I always hope for more.
Thanks Ray! I might take a little stroll over to Provincetown, although not for the "gay stuff" per se. (Although I just checked the schedule of the Post Office Cabaret and singer Chris Williamson and comedian Suzanne Westenhoffer will be performing there - in October. Damn it.

I did receive the link to your story with a request to read and I apologize for not having done so yet. I think I know which story it is though and I did look at it, so I'll give it another read-through while I'm here and comment. It looks intriguing (if it's the one where Faith is now the oldest living "grey haired Slayer".)
It is.

And I envy you even the remotest chance of seeing Cris Williamson and Suzanne Westonhofer :-)

Oh I doubt very much that my sweetie will want to come back to see them! We're here for an art (painting) workshop she's taking; she's very anxious about money otherwise. I think Netflix and CD's are the closest I'll come. I know what you mean, though - I'm four hours from NYC, for instance, and I feel like I'm in the hinterlands when it comes to any real culture.
This popped up in my inbox today, and was such a nice thing to have to distract me from a hectic day at work! That's so kind - thank you.

I am in a state of extreme behindedness at present, which should ease a little at the end of September, so I do hope to be around a little bit more than I have for the last couple of months. I'm always hopeful :)

In the mean time, know that I am very touched by your lovely words and good wishes, and enjoy your trip!
You're very welcome, Anna! Not that I meant to put undo pressure on you to write and post more frequently, of course *bats eyelashes*. You deserve a little extravagance.

so I do hope to be around a little bit more than I have for the last couple of months. I'm always hopeful :)

I look forward to it!

We've just arrived to our motel a little while ago and I suspect this is going to be a story in and of itself. *ahem*