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Congratulations to all the Winners in the Running with Scissors Awards!

I just had a chance to look at the RWSA award winners list and I am SUPER impressed with what I see - and I'll be honest, that doesn't always happen when it comes to these sorts of things. In theory, quality is it's own reward but it's nice to see quality actually be acknowledged and rewarded, as it is here. I'd hand this list of winners to anyone as a tip-of-the iceburg example of the fantastic creativity of this fandom. And there's a real range here; the list includes names I haven't seen elsewhere in fandom awards. This is list winners feels absolutely right to me. rahirah and brutti_ma_buoni as Best Authors? Oh hell YES! And "duh." Kudos to  darkgoddessgege for running the awards - I'm already looking forward to the next round!   So many people on my flist were winners that I'm afraid I'll miss someone, so congratulations to everyone!  I will allow myself to single out a couple near and dear to my heart  (forgive the indulgence) - comlodge 's citation for Winged!Buffy and lanoyee 's  post-S6 fic  "Take a Moment" (Buffy, Tara, Dawn) both made my heart dance. (Pretend to be shocked.) But then there's baphrosia, snogged, velvetwhip, dragonydreams, snowpuppiesst_salieri (who seems to be undergoing a "renaissance" appreciation  - can I dream that they'll write in this fandom again?) rebcakeaadler and...I apologize if I've overlooked anyone!
Thank you very much! It really is an amazing bunch and I am quite proud to be among them!

Thank you very much. It is a great list and I also loved seeing rahirah there. I cut my spuffy teeth on Barb's verse.
Learning from the masters is the best way to go! And congratulations - I was tickled about WingedBuffy of course but also your other wins and to see so many of my flist on there.

Clearly we have excellent taste - but we already knew that didn't we? ;-)
Most people are surprised when they see that RWSA isn't just another cookie cutter awards site where the same well known people win every round. We may not have a nominee list a mile long but we really do have standards when it comes to our authors and artists. :) I am proud to call this awards site my baby :)
but we really do have standards when it comes to our authors and artists.

But of course - why have awards otherwise? (Keep in mind you're talking to someone who believed when she was a girl that the members of AMPAS actually watched every movie that came out that year before voting on the Academy Awards. Silly me.) I guess I'm just rather stubborn in terms of recogizing quality; sometimes the best writing is also well-read and recognized, but not always. I think awards should judge QUALITY, regardless of popularity. (That's what stats are for.)

I was very proud to participate in the Absence of LIght awards this past year, and we had multiple criteria for judging, so it was pretty rigourous, which I wouldn't have any other way.

I am proud to call this awards site my baby :)

As well you should be! I'm looking forward to the next round. (I know that the Wicked Awards already has a meta catagory, I wonder if you would consider adding that some time in the future?)