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Please vote for me in the btvs_hush icon challenge! (if you want to, that is.)

Am I allowed to pimp my entries in an icon challenge? Spank me with a feather if I'm being a bad fangirl. I recently entered some icons for the first time in the btvs_hush Challenge # 257 , theme "Blades" (Knives, etc) because oh boy, you know me and my women of the Buffyverse wielding implements of destruction fetish. (And then I made one with no women in it. I'm funny that way.)

Anyhoo go vote for whichever icons you think best and maybe one of them will be mine?

Thanks! Now I'm curious which ones you voted for - but don't tell me, secret ballot and all that. (Which means I also can't mention which ones I voted for and am rather fond of.)

If I get computer access on a regular basis I would love to try my hand at Challenge #258 - a Seeing Red-centric icon challenge? I'm dying to see what folks who are not "afraid of the dark" come up with.