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Heartfelt thanks for all the support! Also, Tip o' The Day

As I don't have daily access to a 'puter/internet I can't reply to everyone who left a message but I want to thank everyone so very much for your thoughts and well-wishes after my last post re: our housefire on Monday .  The love and support is really appreciated, I don't have words for it.  (Probably due to the general tiredness). I told my sweetie and she was appreciative as well. So thank you so much from both of us!  And because I don't want my "hiatus" to become too hiatus-y, I offer my Tip o' the Day: DO NOT WEAR A RED T-SHIRT INTO A STAPLES STORE. Especially during the busy back to school season, unless you really want to be mistaken for an employee by nigh on five or more other shoppers. And if you've been unemployed for a while, as I have, try not to break out the patented "Why is it that everywhere I go someone mistakes me for an employee (this is actually true, it happens to me in many different stores) but I can't get hired by anyone?"  Because the person on the receiving end of the rant will back away from you very slowly. 'tis embarrassing. *le sigh*

Very sorry about the unemployment. I hope that changes very soon!

Thanks sweetie! *hugs* It's been three years at this point (I'm not kidding). Ten years ago I had a gap of one day between jobs. I just have to pull myself back together and try again. Or get really REALLY creative.
OMG, how did I miss that post??? I hope everyone's OK! :rushes to read:
No worries Barb! the misses and I are ok except for some minor burns on her hand and foot; she's going into work for a few hours tomorrow. I'm fine - sore and tired but fine otherwise.
It can be pretty frustrating in general to be mistaken for an employee at a store you don't work for.

I hope you find a job sometime soon.
Thanks hon! I'm still hopeful re: employment. Something's gotta break, right?

except I just read part of an article in the New Yorker re: the economic bust in Japan that has resulted in a lot of people being unemployed for years. It sounded all too familiar, but it was interesting because we each tend to think "It's just me."
Oh, no! I'm sorry that life is piling on you like that. I have never had a fire but it sounds awful.

Is Staples a place that wouldn't hire you? Maybe you should go there in your red shirt and make trouble.
I like this idea - I don't know if I'll ever do it, but...and yes, I have applied - Staples, JCPenny, Macy's, Hollywood Video - which has a 150 question personality questionnaire. Those things are all the rage - they serve to weed people out. (I lost the opportunity to be hired at a place because I just "failed" the test- which only proves I did a lousy job with their test, not that I'd be a bad employee.)

And the fire was - an experience. Not one I'd recommend. I'll write about it a bit more when I have the chance; I understand now why they say most people die of smoke inhalation not burns. The air is thick with smoke, your eyes are burning and breathing gets difficult which then encourages the panic you're already in.