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Happy Birthmonth Wishes: Darkgoddessgege, Ruuger, Clawofcat & St Salieri (plus Awards Pimpage)

I've been taking my sweet time wishing several folks on my f'list a Happy Birthmonth, including darkgoddessgege , but her post pimping fandom awards kicked my butt in gear. So without further adieu, Happy Birthmonth to the aforementioned Darkgoddess, one of my newest fandom friends, award-winning multifandom vidder and artist. Special praise and kudos for her original icons featuring rarely-used images of all Buffyverse characters across the seasons, and feature clearly legible text. (This is a thing with me.)  She's also administrator of the RWSA fanfic awards. FYI: voting is still open for the RWSA Viewer's Choice and Reader's Choice categories here. Also - nominations are now open for Round 10 of the Wicked Awards,  including a category for meta as well as new categories for fan videos; and for Round 29 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards.

To ruuger , Patron Saint of Strong and Diverse Female Characters on Television; I've yet to watch Babylon 5 but when I do, it will be based entirely of her recommendation of it. She's also the admin of the Big Damn Love Fest, the very first fandom "fest" I participated in. 2013's entries included marvelous fics, art and meta across the entire Jossverse; here's hoping for a repeat fest in 2014? *bats eyelashes hopefully*

To clawofcat and st_salieri : neither of them has been active in the fandom for some time and that's a shame; both are such marvelous and perceptive writers. I can't claim to "know" either of them but I love their work, and they hold special places in my heart because their love for Buffy Summers.

Every time I visit Clawofcat's LJ I find myself wondering why I don't spend more time there than I do. This is the only place I've found a collection of fics around the theme of Menstruation in the Buffyverse, for instance; also has lists of rich, rewarding fic recs, and her own wonderful fics (Faith/Dawn, Spuffy, and almost any Buffyverse pairing you can imagine). "Convergence", "Burn Marks" , and "Beneath Us" are richly evocative and among my favorite fics in this 'verse. Melancholy, regret, madness, desperation, hope and deep wells of compassion for Buffy and Spike, what they put themselves and one another through, before miraculously coming out on the other side. Stunning.

St_Salieri's "Just A Normal Girl: The Seven Lessons of Being Buffy" was one of the first (and few) fics that took pride of place as a printed copy by my bedside when I first got into this fandom. I mainly think of her as one of the funniest writers in this fandom, who actually makes me laugh out loud: "Buffy's List" (pros and cons of loving Spike): "The Angel Chart" (Wesley and Cordy map out Angel's various relationships. Angel is not amused); "The Diary of Angelus the Great" (biggest drama queen in history). Then she wrote "In Mediuss Tridum" (set during Chosen) and broke my fucking heart.
Yes, I noticed - her lists are GREAT. I forgot to mention her to someone the other day when we were talking about Spuffy fics and the ones I liked - could kick myself now.
Aww, thank you! And if there's enough interest, there will definitely be a another round of Big Damn Love :D
My pleasure! & Thank you again for the notifications on the awards (and much-needed motivation), I would have missed them otherwise. *hugs back*
Believe me, I need all the motivation I can get lately!

I love your icon btw! I'm not a B/W shipper but I am turning into a B/T and B/F one - almost against my will. *lol* Appreciation for the ladies of the verse is one like catnip to me. Or chocolate gelato.
I love this icon, but I really don't use it in a shipper kind of way..I tend to use it for friendship more often than not. :)
I actually kind of thought that much, I didn't say so for some reason (brain and fingers/mouth sometimes not connected?)

One thing I loved about early seasons was the fact that Buffy and Willow had what felt to me a very real relationship, and that included a physical component, an ease with one another that we don't see between women on tv very often. One of the things I love best about the 'verse is the relationships between women. *Self pimpage alert* Have you read my Buffy & Tara friendship post? that's pretty much where I raised my flag for my love of the Buffyverse ladies.
Shiny things! Gonna open all the links. Just give me time.
Have fun, sweetie! That's part of my job here, don'cha know? Sharing is caring. ;)

I meant to do the same thing when I did the birthday post last time for blackfrancine, kervik and zanthinegirl and I was just so - washed out/tired mentally and physically that I just couldn't manage it. Which I feel kind of bad about. Next year.