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Ask (Nicely) and Ye May Be Taken by Surprise: Infinitewhale and Mark Fields ("Sophist")

My friend infinitewhale consented to my nagging persistent but gentle suggestions to remove the f'lock from his interpretation of Buffy's dream in Dead Things,  so it may be enjoyed by all and sundry. (I know in my own case that when a post is I'm often too intimidated or just too lazy to ask to ask to friend the author even if I'm interested in the subject matter.)  And it's a damn good meta post IMO on an aspect of one of my favorite episodes that's rarely examined all that closely. (Please, please don't let the fact that the two of us can talk a flaming blue streak prevent you from reading or responding to his interpretation.)

[If your curiosity is piqued, come on in and read the rest]

Speaking of asking nicely, Mark Fields (aka "Sophist" on Noel Murray's reviews of btvs/ats at the AV Club) kindly took the time to make navigating his Buffyverse blog Fragments of My Imagination easier per my suggestions, by adding tags and "Season Links" in the sidebar.

If you're interested in checking it out, Mark suggests starting with his introductory post, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Metaphor, Myth and Reality which explains why he started the blog and the framework of his analysis, a Buffy-centric examination of the show's metaphoric layers from WTTH all the way through to Chosen. It's an awesome two-year labor of love on his part.

Fun aside: I remember someone responded to Mark's posts at the AV Club by asking why his analysis focused on Buffy and I thought, Because she's the protagonist?
That was the point I began to I realize that a great honkin' chunk of Buffyverse fandom doesn't give two toots about Buffy herself.

The Queen Slayer is not amused.

BTW: If you're someone who doesn't enjoy meta or that sort of analysis, you know who you are. In fact, you probably walked out the door long before we even got to this point. To each our own and to each according to our own inclinations - and whether or not Mercury is retrograde. It's all good.