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Procrastination is My Drug of Choice: Buffy and Veronika Decides to Die Icons

This is what I do when I have at least three meta and two fics unfinished on my harddrive, whilst my lovely beta lanoyee waits patiently so she can actually beta. (Beta is both a noun and a verb, right?) I don't have Photoshop, only the simply editing suite on Photobucket to play with, so no claims to art here. (If you're looking for art, try terragram_icons ; they just posted a fun set of buffyverse quote icons. Or comlodge's award-winning icons. Or...anyone who is not me.)

Sample Icons:  
[More icons under the cut....]

Anyhoo...The first two are from Veronika Decides to Die (a movie I don't recommend due to what I consider it's unethical and misguided "solution" to depression: "Veronika just needs to care about someone else and she'll feel all better! And lying to her about her health condition and manipulating two mentally ill people in order to cure them is TOTALLY worth the risk!" Sorry, NO. But damn, it's got some pretty visuals.) The rest are of my girl Buffy Summers, of course, or Buffy and Dawn.

You know the drill: Comments and feedback are always welcome; proper credit is a must. All for the taking, just let me know.
(ETA: Speaking of proper credit *ahem*, original screencaps and promo images for Veronika sourced from smg-online.org and LadyMason.com .)

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Art is where I run to as well. It's great for when your muse buggers off, you letting a story sit for a day so you can go back and edit it, you're procrastinating, you're avoiding the housework, the husband, the dog, the world... lol.

You've picked some great shots here and cut them really nicely - something I still struggle with for some reason. Love # 3. That face is so expressive. :D
Thank you so much for the compliment, Janice! it means a lot.

you're procrastinating, you're avoiding the housework,

Oh yeah, exactly. the problem is its becoming my M.O. *lol* Or maybe it always was, I was a master at working on those term papers and major essays up to the last minute; since I still always got A's and B's there wasn't much incentive to change, I guess.

making icons and a few banners was one of my major hobbies when I was in moulin rouge fandom. I might post some of those here because some were quite pretty. Photobucket had a different editing suite then and I could get different effects. Hours and hours happily wasted.

You've picked some great shots here


something I still struggle with for some reason

I would never have guessed. your artwork tends to really mine character's emotions and psychology. I think one of the biggest things for me is figuring out which shots will still look good at 100x100. I wish icons could be 125x125; I've done so many that look perfect at that size and then when I reduce it that last little bit, it doesn't work. I'm a stickler for visual legibility of the image, composition etc.

Love # 3. That face is so expressive. :D

This makes me ridiculously happy! I almost didn't include that one because I wasn't sure if it was good enough.
And thank you for pimping me. (Am I strange 'cos I liked saying that in my head), Janice. :D

Procrastination, thy name is Janice - bugger - we are damned!

I meant the selecting cuts for icons. I'm pretty comfortable with the big stuff - it just comes to me. I see a cap - I see a story. See a word - see a picture. :D And I comfortable with the way those pics come out now. I sorted wanted to do what others I admire were doing, youknow with the swirly's and the fades and the abstract but now I just do what I feel and it seems to work for me. :D

Icons I don't really get. I suppose I think of them as avatars or something, though I do luck out sometimes and make some I rather like, lol.

Everything is in the eye of the beholder. We all like something different. Thank goodness. :D
Nice! I know there are times in fandom when I could use 7 or 17...

And that's the moral of Veronika...? Huh. Having read another of Paulo Coelho's books (and I use the word "books" loosely), I can't say I'm surprised, but still... urgh.
when I could use 7 or 17...

Please do! Although you're generally rather mono-iconic aren't you? I might not recognize you as someone else *lol* I do have a slightly darker version of #7 but I wasn't sure which one I preferred.

And that's the moral of Veronika...?

Short version, yeah. I guess I should have said "Spoilers" but it didn't occur to me. Should I edit the post? Nah.

So, ok **SPOILERS LONG VERSION **Sarah is really good in it btw as a clinically depressed woman who tries to commit suicide (and only fails because someone found her and they pumped her stomach.) She's told she has a heart condition that will kill her anyway in about a week; falls in love with a catatonic boy who hasn't spoken in years since the death of his girlfriend. The doctor treating her manipulates things and allows the two of them to run away from the institution with the idea that caring for someone else will cure her and, oh, by the way, her heart condition has healed itself BUT he doesn't tell her because not knowing will encourage her to live every day as if it's her last. Then she falls asleep and the boy she's escaped with thinks she's dead and is about to throw himself off the pier in despair but - surprise! - she yawns and wakes up. the kid nearly fucking KILLED himself but didn't because of sheer luck. */ END SPOILERS*

Yeah, that's right "All you need is love". Never mind the genetic, chemical, and physical factors that play into it. (Btvs also implies IMO that all Buffy needs to do is pull herself up by her bootstraps. Which is exactly the sort of bullshit attitude that discourages people from seeking treatment.

Yeah, I don't change icons much since I got busted down to the standard 15 - which is odd since I mostly use my standard one anyway. But since you're using one of mine, why not? :)

Oh dear. The one Coelho I've read is The Alchemist, which has a completely different plot but the same solipsist bullshit idea, including the wise old man (who is TOTALLY not Coelho himself) who turns up at the end to outright tell people how they can just decide to have everything they need. He essentially writes bad self-help books disguised as bad novels.

And at least Buffy did get professional help in s7, even if he was evil... ;)
Lovely icons. My favourite I think it's #4.
And, yes, Veronika's moral is bullshit but the movie was so beautiful - certain images were really, really gorgeous - and Sarah was simply perfect.
Thanks sweetie! # 4 is one of my favorites too; I was really pleased with the strong contrast effect.

Veronika's moral is bullshit but the movie was so beautiful

Amen. It's one of the most gorgeously lensed films I've ever seen
but - what is the shorthand term for beautiful images put to the service of a terrible message? ("A major portion of Western art and culture" is a little unwieldy.) Smothering mother, love at first sight, creativity as a cure - and I could write a nice long post about my issues with the depiction of women & masturbation & the association re: mental illness in the movies (Veronika, Margot at the Wedding, Black Swan.) Ugh

The fact that Sarah does hit the "right notes" (no pun intended) re: depression, suicide, hopelessness, lethargy, anger etc just makes it worse.

Apparently it's available on bluray so I guess it was pretty popular worldwide? I don't recall that it got a US release.
If I remember correctly the film just went out in dvd-form without being released in cinemas. Apparently it wasn't a huge success. And yes, there's that contraddiction between stupid message and generally good movie. (I also appreciated the other actors not only Sarah, who was magnificent)
I just really hope to see Sarah in something I completely like. I think she's really talented and she deserves to act in proper projects.