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Nomination Period for Round 10 of the Running with Scissors Awards Still Open

I'd never heard of the RwSA until the fabulous velvetwhip pimped it the other day: dedicated entirely to BtVS/AtS fanfiction and fanart. (Crossovers are limited to Supernatural.)  It has categories for icons, as well as banners, wallpapers, manips, and a somewhat more limited number of fiction categories than the SunnyD awards. (Which isn't necesarily a bad thing at all, and may in some ways be easier for my little brain to handle.) No meta categories *pout*. Someday, maybe...?

Nominations are accepted until July 27th.  Read the Rules & Dates carefully, because anarchy is a nice idea in theory but not so great in practice. Then check out the current list of nominees , which includes the short list of people who are not eligible for further nominations in this round.

In a recent conversation slaymesoftly and baphrosia both expressed the idea that these awards are a great way of nominating older works that newbies may not be aware of and/or recent "fringe" authors who are new to fandom or simply not as well-recognized. There are certain authors who get nominated and awarded repeatedly, with very good reason: they are good writers and/or they've built up an appreciative following.

The outpouring of creativity in our fandom is amazing, and I know it's easy for me to forget a fabulous story I read a few months back but got lost in my copious list of bookmarks, while certain other stories/authors jump out at me easily.  So these  awards challenge me to go deep into my personal "library stacks" rather than just grab the story within easy reach at the front counter display.

If anyone happens to know who made the gorgeous banner above, please let me know so I can give credit where it's due.
ETA: RwSA's moderator darkgoddessgege just informed me that she's the artist. Gorgeous.  (In future, my dears, follow the example set by the lovely comlodge and artists since time immemorial: SIGN YOUR WORK! You wouldn't post a story or meta anonymously, would you? Of course not.)
</i>she just continues to get better!</i>

Tremendously so! That what comes of working at it everyday. (People think art is all about "talent" or "genius" and aren't aware of the hard work.)
I try and learn something new everyday..It helps alot

*nods* She's been my role model in this regard - I'm challenging myself to try to post something here, if not everyday, then at least a lot more frequently than I've done. I've actually got the raw materials and ideas, I just need the discipline to go the next step on a regular basis.

I think one of the most challenging things if you're a perfectionist (my sweetie) or, like me, you were raised to value good grades - the product - more than the process - even I worked damn hard to get those grades - is to be able to sit back and ask "ok, so what can I learn from this?" And not just judge it "success/failure" and leave it at that. Just sometimes putting something down and walk away to get a better perspective.
I think I need to download your Buffy/Angel vid because it's not on your LJ (Buffy's loneliness is right up my alley as a theme: if the Power, like the Scythe, is hers alone to wield, so to is the responsibility her's alone to bear. *hugs Buffy*)

I know less about making vids (as in, zero) than I do about photo manips but I love it when people can do it. Really good editing just SENDS me.