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Happy Birth Month Eveolina & Spuffy_luvr

Buffy knows that Tara gives the BEST presents. TRUTH.

** eveolina should get a hundred million points just for having an Anya icon as her default image, but there's also her intelligent, gentle, incisive contributions and observations in this fandom.

** baphrosia earns big-time kudos because she's a Spike fan who is clear-sighted about Spike's character in-canon and takes genuine care to get Buffy right, doesn't suffer fools at all, and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. And because "If the Plane's a-Rockin' " is practically a master class in how to write an "NC-17" fic that I'll actually enjoy reading - sexy and funny as hell.
1) I'm going to start trying to say "happy birthmonth" to my friends on my LJ - because I really suck at sending the same old boring message privately to everyone. Pretend to be shocked.Then again, I used to write "have a great summer" even in the yearbooks of people I genuinely liked. I don't know how to "say something funny" on the spot, either.

2) Yes, "birth MONTH". Think of all the problems it solves - reduces the pressure and embarrassment of "belatedness" (unless I miss the month altogether, which is super-embarrassing), and offers more excuses opportunities to celebrate.  We could totally make it a thing. Work on it, people!
I know this is really late, but thank you! That was really nice of you to say, especially since I haven't actually contributed anything in months.

Also, I'm the same way about not being able to find original things to say. As I'm sure this comment proves.
You're welcome! And I never mind late comments at all; I rather delight in them. (This is coming from the gal who leaves comments to stories and meta written ten years ago, so take that for what you will.)

I wish I'd been able to say more myself, but I associate you more with your comments on other people's journals than your own writing per se nd it's hard to remember those comments exactly then track that sort of thing down and say "She said this and it was really smart!"

I'm the same way about not being able to find original things to say.

HAH. I suck at simple stuff - the happy birthdays; signing people's yearbooks in high school was a terror for me. Even for the people I really liked.

And now I'm going to have to root around and find something really original you said and quote it JUST TO PROVE YOU WRONG. ;)