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Just a few days left to vote in the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfic Awards

Voting in Round 28 of the SunnyD Awards ends June 30th, so hurry over, check it out and cast your ballets now. Quite a lot of the stories and authors were entirely new to me and I would never have known about otherwise, which is one of the best things about these fanfic awards.

I voted yesterday, and it's probably bad form to mention some personal favorites, isn't it? Oh, screw that; form was never my forte anyway:
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"Who am I? (The Warm Champagne Remix") by snowpuppies - possibly the best fanfic ever about one of the best episodes in the series, "Who Are You". Her trademark style of intercutting scenes with razor sharp precision inspired beer_good_foamy to coin the verb "snowpuppying",  as in "Let's snowpuppy that episode!"  Also "In a Mirror, Darkly" - Willow/Tara, with a twist. "Darkly" hardly covers it.

"Not in the Brochure" by beer_good_foamy Full disclosure: This fic began life from an off-the-cuff prompt by rebcake on my journal so, yes, I am biased. It's still as funny as hell, though. The "flaming handfasting" in Chosen goes just a bit differently than in canon, and Spike proves he's a mama's boy to the end - Buffy's mama, that is.

"Spirits in the Woods" by hourofthewolf (a collaboration between wolffan200 and 3hours)  Long-form (multichapter) fics on the internet rarely hold my attention. (This is more the fault of my attention span than the author. Sometimes.)  This one held my attention - Spike returns to SunnyD between seasons 3 & 4; AU but captures the humor and adventure at the heart of the Buffyverse, and the characterizations with spot-on canon characterizations that remain faithful to canon rather than twisting or distorting the characters to suit the authors' desires.

"Night Games" by baphrosia Something different in the post-series/NFA Spuffy reunion sub-genre: funny, sexy and playful. Buffy and Spike play a game that doesn't involve a deck of cards or Monopoly figures: "Learn how to use one of these, asshole."

"Live (Where You Are)"  by snogged Wishverse!Buffy/Willow. Willow opens up her world to the weary, hardened Slayer who begins to find her heart again. Not as sentimental as I'm making it out to be - in fact, not sentimental at all, but entirely charming. Why have I never seen this pairing before? I could live in this version of the 'verse, very happily, if Snogged would let me.

"Stone"  by valyssia. Perhaps the most power and pain I've ever seen packed in 100 words. Buffy, Spike, a "deleted" scene from S6 that's barely longer than two or three camera shots and should have been in the series. This story is part of my headcanon now.

(FYI : No gratis was received prior to the making of this post. Honest. Not even a single cookie.)
Thanks ma'am, I aims to please! I was sort of embarrassed that I didn't realize they'd come around again until a couple of days ago, so thank goodness I caught that in time. It's an impressive list of nominees, as per usual.
AWW! You're making me blush.

Also, I completely agree with the rest of your recs. There are some truly amazing stories in this round!
Aren't there, though? As I said, a lot of authors and stories that were new to me. I could have rec'd a lot more but I only had so much time in the day!

And, you totally deserve every word of it, hon. I actually felt like I did a bad job describing your story. It's - the sort of thing that in trying to describe it, I feel like I lose it. If that makes sense.
I often end up not voting at SMA just because I haven't read everything (and often don't want to). Given that I had already read a couple of these, and loved the rest, you've made my life much easier. :)
Given that I had already read a couple of these, and loved the rest, you've made my life much easier. :)

I aim to please!
LOL I'm quite pleased with myself, actually. I think I only left one or two blank. I will admit, there were a few places where I voted based on what I know about some of the authors - but I only do that if the one I'm voting for is truly amazing and therefore very likely to be worthy. :) But without your post, I may well have not bothered to vote this round because I'm so often frustrated at not knowing enough about the entries and not have the time or desire to read all the ones about which I know nothing. This was a fairly easy round.
Oh hey, I like your choices. :) Especially 'Spirits', 'cause I nominated it.

I was thinking about making my own recommendation post, but I'll just piggyback onto yours instead.

I HAVE to pimp Anaross and 'My Life Closed Twice', since I nominated her also. How has she never won? She's one of my top favorite authors. I had a hard time choosing which story to nominate; they're all fantastic in different ways.

Under Angst, 'Mine' was new to me, and excellent. 'The Promise' by Annapurna is also wonderful; I'd forgotten about it and was glad to be reminded.

I branched out from Spuffy and tried a few other stories, since I already knew most of the Spuffy ones. 'Paternity Suit' by Shapinglight is horrifying and wonderful. 'Vampires in the Caribbean' by Goldenusagi was also amusing and creepy... Darla's just scary, I guess.

I'm not a slash fan, but 'The Kidnappee's Handbook' by Sparrow2000 has spot-on hysterically perfect Spike and Xander dialogue. 'A Side of Beefsteak' by Gilescandy is very cute.

'Best Job Share Ever' by Jedi Buttercup doesn't seem to have a plot, and Buffy's voice isn't quite right, but if you're an Avengers fan, it's a very cute crossover. And all the other voices seem right. I especially love the Buffy/Hawkeye angle (and I don't ship her with anybody other than Spike!).

'Not in the Brochure' was an automatic vote, of course. As was, 'Well... I sing' by BMB.

'Cracks in the World' is long... and no Spuffy... but it's on my list to read. From the beginning, I expect it to be excellent.

And, whew, I stole your forum. :)
And, whew, I stole your forum. :)

Stole? No way! I was hoping that other people would feel free to do just this, thanks for the additional recs. I couldn't begin to read everything - the same thing happened the last round, which was the first ones I'd ever heard of.

I didn't mention "My Life Closed Twice" because I like what I've read of it - were you the one who first rec'd it to me? I think you might have been almost a year ago - but I can't claim to have read the whole thing, so that doesn't seem fair if that makes sense? (I've read the last couple of chapters three times, though. I'm weird that way.)

I'm trying to remember if I've read "Well...I Sing." everytime I think I've read everything of BMB's (or of BGF's) I discover I haven't. What is UP with these prolific writers, making the rest of us look bad? ;)

'Paternity Suit' by Shapinglight is horrifying and wonderful. 'Vampires in the Caribbean' by Goldenusagi was also amusing and creepy... Darla's just scary, I guess.

I'll have to check these out. I haven't read much Darla in the past (I haven't watched AtS which may be part of it.) but recently I read snowpuppies' Buffy/Darla fic, so I may get into more Darla fic in the future.

'Not in the Brochure' was an automatic vote, of course.

*hugs* But of course.

The hardest category for me was the "Quick Fic" one - there were two stories that I wanted to vote for equally. I had to chose - no fair! *sobs*
Well, I told 3hours and wolffan I was nominating them, and even asked which categories they thought the story ought to be in. Plus, I have no problem telling others, 'Hey! This story is worth your time!' I like the Secret Santa analogy - I know who nominated me last round, but not this one, and I wish I did. :) The folks I nominated last round knew it was me too. If there are rules about not talking about it, well, I guess I broke them. Seem silly to me. I suppose it's so the people you didn't nominate don't feel left out, especially if they're friends? But my criteria for nominating authors involves finding quality unknown, new, or fringe authors. And I don't think it's a secret I'm very picky about what I read, so... What's the polite way of saying this? It probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone that I nominate and give my vote sparingly, and friendship means nothing to me when it comes to recommending somebody's work. Maybe if I'd been in fandom longer, I'd be more circumspect. Then again, probably not. I've never been one for alliances or choosing corners. :)

I broke my rule about fringe authors with Anaross, but that's only because her name wasn't on the winners list. It's a mistake that needs rectifying immediately! You have to finish one of her stories. Screw your concentration to the computer monitor for a few hours. The payoff is so worth it.

'Well... I Sing' belongs to my most favorite trope, Rock-Star-Spike, but it's all vampires, not an AH version. I love it. And I love her writing. BMB can evoke an entire AU in only a few words. (Anaross has a singing vampiric Spike too. Because she's the best.) I'm not sure why singing Spike is my kink - I hate songfic, I'm not a groupie type, nor 'into' music, and I abhor the attention our culture lavishes on entertainers - but there you have it. The world needs moar rock'n'roll Spike.

I'm not a fan of Darla, and certainly not of Darla fic, but they were short and very well written.

I hate when I have multiple choices I want to vote for... That's when I hope they're in multiple categories, so I can spread my vote out.
Yay you for nominating "My Life Closed Twice". As you say, she has so very many wonderful fics - but I don't know how many people are still reading her. This is one of my favorites of hers.
I absolutely adore Anaross. And I learned so much about poetry from this fic, which is not my forte, not at all. I'm sad she moved on to other things. But SunnyD is a way to bring attention to authors and stories which might otherwise be overlooked, so hopefully new readers will find her!

I left categories blank too - I won't read slash or songfic, so there's no way I can choose one. But I always try every Spuffy nomination, and all of the quickie and humor nominations, just to be as fair in my choices as possible.
Oh hey, I like your choices. :) Especially 'Spirits', 'cause I nominated it.

And hey back, I just noticed this sentence and thought "Cool". Mostly 'who nominated who' is one of those "things we don't talk about" I guess, and I'm not sure why that is entirely. But I'm still curious who nominated by fic "Untitled" for the last round of SunnyD or my Xander meta for the No Rest for the Wicked Awards. I guess the concept is like secret Santa except you never get to find out who your Santa was. *pouts*

I did tell someone once I'd nominated something of their's, but in hindsight my confession was an attempt to placate or calm them and convince them that I wasn't the enemy in (whatever little shitstorm was going on in their brain.) I felt sort of icky about that afterwards, though.
I think whether or not someone knows who nominated them is an individual choice of both the author and the nominating reader. If you have a lot of friends nominated in the same category, I can see where you wouldn't want anyone to know that you nominated only one of them (or who you voted for, for that matter), but I don't think that happens as much any more as it used to. Back when there were a lot of Spuffy award sites (or sites dominated by pairings), I might know everyone on there, and with some of them being very sweet people but perhaps not my idea of wonderful writers.... Yeah, I wouldn't want anyone to know who I voted for. I don't feel quite so protective about nominations, though. Fewer chances for hurt feelings there, I think. Especially if the other authors get noms from someone else.

I remember getting into some trouble one time by reading a story on a good_evil challenge contest and raving about it before I'd even read them all. I think I said "here's my winner" or something like that. I think the story's were anonymous before the judging was completed. Lot's of pissed of authors (all of whom I at least knew, if wasn't friends with) that I'd commented before the voting was completed. And they were right to be offended. While I still loved that story and voted for it, there were several others that were also wonderful and very appropriate to the category, and I was sorry that my post sounded like I was dismissing everything else on there. Lesson learned!