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Ooh, Visitor Stats...Shiny!

The other day I finally decided to check out that "My Guests" function on LJ and realized, dear goddess, I'm becoming one of THOSE people.  A Stats Hussy.  (As my friend Lady M told me years ago, "A whore does it for money, a hussy does it for free.")  Not that there's anything wrong with that, or anything.

I check the counters on my site and ff.net to see how many people have read my stories there, so...

I used to post on ff.net ten years ago, but I didn't realize you could check stats there. (ff.net doesn't do paid accounts does it?)

Yes, you can even see what countries your readers come from. It's kind of awesome.

No, ff.net does not do paid accounts.

Yes, you can even see what countries your readers come from. It's kind of awesome.

You can? I am SO going to do that next time. I love that I have friends from all over the globe (I never could have imagined this back in the '70's & '80's when I was growing up). And that there are people reading me beyond those folks who actually comment? It didn't really occur to me until I read My Guests. Nifty.
I have readers in the Czech Republic and even in Kuwait and Vietnam. Go figure! You'll love this feature.


Oh dear, watch me spend hours checking out stats when I should be writing meta. Or doing housework.

Did I mention that my sweetie sold a painting last year on ebay to a buyer from Austria? It was a small landscape of a stream with rocks etc in the woods, and it was painted somewhere in New England but reminded him of a landscape near his home. My partner was all, "Eh, I've only sold one painting this season, I'm not making any money" and I was, like "Austria! You sold a painting to someone in Austria! You can say on your bio that your work is in international collections and it's true!"

Apparently she does not share my enthusiasm. Then again, she's trying to make money - as a Buffyverse fan I'm not. (Even if I should be.) but, still - millions of things available for sale on ebay and someone from Austria, for pete's sake, found her painting and liked it enough to buy it! Where's the bad?

I think that's great! And she should modify her bio to describe herself as an internationally known artist!

Exactly! I've actually done that for her because I handle all the writing bits (she gets final approval of course.)

I agree that it can be fun to check out stats some times. :)
Does it make a difference to you re: how much you write and post?

I have to admit I get a particular charge out of seeing names from my flist pop up there who I haven't talked to in a while or specifically pimped a post to, but they're looking in anyway whether they comment or not. (In addition to the folks with their identities hidden.) It reminds me of gabrielleabelle's meta celebrating "lurkers" a couple years back (have you read it?)
I have read that post about lurkers. It's a good one.

Indeed - I re-read it recently and agreed with her 100%.

The irony is that a couple of days after I posted this, I remembered that a year ago as an admin on the local co-op FB page and a writer for it, I was very invested in the page stats (esp watching them double w/in a year) and am still when I put up a post and see that 300-700 people "saw it", some who have never shopped at our store.

I think it's a little different here though - more personal, more "me".