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"School Hard" / "Chosen"

Like Mother, Like Daughter original artwork a gift to me from comlodge, an amazing artist and generous friend. Check out the original on her journal.

Apparently, Buffy isn't the only Summers woman who is going to be "a fireman [sic] when the floods roll back."

ETA: beer_good_foamy reminded me that Joyce's threat to Spike, "You get the HELL away from my daughter!" (Rock on, Joyce!) could be seen as applicable to Buffy's actions in Chosen, if we consider the new Slayers as her metaphorical "offspring".  (What's the plural for "childe"?)

Or, Kendra was her "daughter", Faith her "granddaughter", then Buffy and Faith got together and now the new Slayers have two mommies - which. ok, is kind of
incest-y, but no worse than the Fanged Four, right?

 And Willow is their midwife. Something like that.


There's a pun here somewhere... Buffy fighting back the threat against the Slayer line... noun form of "slay"... "Get the hell away from my slaughter."

You did make me realize that the pun isn't necessary at all - the Potentials are Buffy's metaphorical daughters. Hmmm *runs to edit post*
There's a meta in a Buffy essay book about sisterhood and being a potential in Buffy Meets the Academy (I think that's what it is, but a lot of the scholarly Buffy books run together in my brain), and I know angearia has something on Buffy and Willow as the parents of the slayers somewhere (it's comics-compliant though, as I recall, so it may not be your bag). But Buffy=mother of the Slayers needs to be explored in fic.

I'll be right back - plot bunny happening.
Or, to take it in a more Spike-centric direction, the events of Chosen can be seen as him taking Joyce's instruction to its literal conclusion: he uses the amulet to keep Hell away from Joyce's daughter(s). Just sayin'.
Heh. Imagine Spike trying to sneak that into the Flaming Hands moment:

SPIKE: Gotta move, lamb. I think it's fair to say, school's out for bloody summer.
BUFFY: Spike...
SPIKE: I mean it, I gotta do this. I made a promise to your mum.
BUFFY: My... what? When? How?
SPIKE: About six years ago. Don't you remember? She hit me with an axe, "Get the hell away from my daughter!"
BUFFY: Uh, kinda burning my hand here.
SPIKE: So, well, here I am. Getting it done.
BUFFY: What?
SPIKE: Well, I am bringing down the hellmouth.
BUFFY: Which is why I need to tell you - Wait. You're saying...
SPIKE: That's right.
BUFFY: ...the last few years have been a cunning plan on your part to literally get the Hell away from me?
SPIKE: And your daughters.
BUFFY: [checks her hair with her free hand] My...? I don't -
SPIKE: Metaphorically speaking. The Slayerlings.
BUFFY: Whatever. Spike, I love y-
SPIKE: Your mum had a hell of a commanding voice. No wonder your room is always so neat.
BUFFY: Would you stop talking about my mom!
SPIKE: But this time it's up to me to do the clean-up. It's what she would have wanted.
BUFFY: I'm trying to tell you - OW! Son of a bitch!
SPIKE: Language!
BUFFY: My. Hand. Caught. Fire.
SPIKE: That's no reason to use that kind of language. You need to set an example for your daughters.
BUFFY: They're not my - forget it. Isn't there something you want to tell me?
SPIKE: Buffy?
SPIKE: Do you think Joyce will be waiting for me with a cup of cocoa in heaven?
BUFFY: Fine. Whatever. Yes, I'm sure she will. I'm out of here. [leaves]
SPIKE: Thanks for saying it!
WORD. Ah Joyce - they don't have nearly enough of her on the show IMO, but when they let her rip, it's grand. You can see where Buffy gets a lot of her personality traits.

I kept meaning to do a meta on Joyce in School Hard, because I noticed even on feminist LJ's in this fandom, the total focus is on Spike and Dru in this ep - and I loved them from the minute they appeared onscreen, but this was the ep in which Joyce first saw her daughter in action, trusted Buffy to handle things (and told Snyder to shut up because they needed to listen to Buffy) then beans Spike with the axe (they could get away with "Get the hell away from my daughter" on a show marketed to teenagers back then? Nifty.)

I actually thought that Joyce would then realize who Buffy was and then she would become more involved in the story and so forth. So I was a little disappointed that didn't happen (yet) but it fits Joyce's pattern of denial (which IMO actually has nothing to do with the Hellmouth and existed long before they got to SD.)