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Linkin' Thinkin' - Buffyverse Femmeslash (always a good thing) and Comics Reviews from Stormwreath

Whilst I work on more "Ted" and Buffy - Joyce meta (aka, procrastinate like a mad thing):

Mystical Recharge  by stormwreath - Season 9 Willow/Dawn, mature. story that began during a conversation he and I had in his review of S9.19 "Welcome To the Team" about Willow's return to Buffy's story: "Giving the mystical battery inside Dawn a magical recharge sounds exactly like something she'd do to save the day. (It also sounds like the plot of a PWP femslash smut fic.)" he said. I challenged him to write it; he cheerfully complied. DO NOT read this whilst eating or drinking unless you have a death wish of some sort.

FYI: I don't enjoy the comics (to put it mildly). I do enjoy his reviews.  In fact, I prefer his reviews; the comics aren't canon to me but they are to him, and so he is able, in his descriptions, to find the "Buffy of it" in ways that I'm unable to see or feel for myself. It's a bit like being a kid, asking an adult to "read me a story" long after I can damn well read it for myself and have the entire book memorized anyway. The point isn't the text by itself, but the storyteller, and the three-way interaction: text, teller, listener (or reader) that makes storytelling and sharing with one another so important.
My pleasure, hon! *hugs*

Pretty please could you tell me how to make those black hearts? Someone else tried to 'splain it to me and I still can't figure it out.
It's easy! I think it was angearia who showed me how to do it. It's an HTML code, but you can just type it normally into the comment box.

Just type (ampersand)hearts(semicolon) - like this:
& hearts ;
(but without the spaces).

Thanks hon! (Now that I think of it I think it might have been Emmie who tried to explain it to me as well). Let's give it a go.

ETA: It worked, yay! Thank you! I shall never be heartless again. ♥

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I gave up on the comics half-way through Season 8.

But I'm glad you've found a reviewer that you like!
But I'm glad you've found a reviewer that you like!

I meant to add that it's a lucky thing for me, being on a VERY limited budget - I don't need to spend money on comics this way!