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Only Five Months Until the Next Round of Nominations for the Wicked Awards

Reply from spankedbyspike to my question re: when the next round of nominations for the No Rest For The Wicked Awards would be, and why they have a category for meta essays:

"I never wrote a Meta in my life but I taught for so long that I realized we definitively needed some essays on the site to complement the other work contributed by the fans....The folks working on Metas really deserve much more love than they usually get and we are proud to be the only fan Award Site so far to give them their dues....."

"The next round starts August 1st 2013, so it will be in just a few months. If you want things submitted be ready as you have until August 31st to nominate, be nominated or self-nominate and bear in mind if you have entries in more than one categories, you have more opportunities to strike a chord with different judges and therefore to win."

That's only five months away so mark your calenders; I know I've already got at least one possible nominee in mind. Someone who isn't me. Honest.
I'm still flitting in and out of the background of fandom, but congratulations on your runner-up win for "Untitled"! (I guess I have until August if I want to be caught up-ish by next award season.)
Thanks! I know you said you were taking a break, so it's very kind of you to stop in. I hope you're feeling better? (I went to a specialist yesterday re: my back pain, so I hope to have some relief soon. Your "Ben" meta has all sorts of resonance for me lately.)
Indeed. I think going forward I'll have to start paying more attention to everyone's fanart because I know that Wicked has categories for those as well. It's very "well-rounded" in that way.
When I'm on top of things, I keep a Word document with a list of the categories & when I find something I like, I put it on the list.
So that's your secret? I like that idea; much better than my own "throw in bookmarks with the hundreds of other faves and try to remember it later on.")
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Hurray for the meta love! Will it be dedicated to the Jossverse/Buffyverse specifically, like AoL, or multiple fandoms like the Wicked awards? Do keep me up to date and I'll promote the hell out of it. ;)
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I like the idea of giving unusual pairings a chance! I've been trying to broaden my reading "palette" a bit lately but then again I'm also trying to read more gen fic as well. (I wasn't prepared for the dominance of "shippy" fic in this verse. Bored, now.)

Those ships right now are Spuffy, Spander, and I'm trying to figure out between Willow/Tara and Faith/Buffy. Those are a close match. What are your thoughts?

I was going to say "Bangle" until I re-read your criteria (one het, slash and femmeslash). But Bangle kind of counts as femme slash doesn't it? (ok, bad joke, sorry.) I'm trying to think what's most popular in THIS corner of fandom re: femme slash and you're right, they are very close, but I'd actually say Faith/Buffy is the one I'd eliminate by a hairsbreath.

Re:(male) slash, isn't "Spangel" more popular than "Spander"? I know it depends on who you're reading, but that's my impression. I guess there's no way to quantify it.

In popular votes usually what happens is the popular ships drown out any chance the smaller ships have.

So this will have a combination of judges votes and popular votes as AoL did, I take it? And no worries, I wouldn't think of promoting it until everything was up and running and ready for nominations. So I look forward to it!
I hope you don't mind my jumping into the conversation. And yay for another award site! There can never be too many.

Will yours include all of the Whedonverse(Buffy, Angel, Firefly) or just BtVS?

But for ships like Willow/Tara versus Faith/Buffy... I did a quick search on AO3 and here is what I found:

for Buffy/Willow there are 2882 fics

for Faith/Buffy there are 1589 fics

for Willow/Tara there are 627

So just on AO3 alone you can see that Buffy/Willow is the biggest ship.

spike/angel has 2130 fics
spike/xander has 1693 fics

And these are just on AO3 alone. There are probably double those amounts on fanfiction.net.

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Sifting through it to find something I want to read is difficult because I don't like Spander. It is one of the few ships I just cannot read at all.


I've managed to read a few Buffy/Giles in which the quality of the writing was quite good overall - there are a few people quite dedicated to that ship - until I get wigged out at the idea of Buffy having sex with her metaphorical father figure. (Why is it that hardly anyone ships Giles/Joyce? It's a canon pairing.)

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Buffy/Giles is one of the other ones I cannot read ... it is like incest!!! Eww!!!

So much WORD. "You have a father's love for the child." Um, different strokes but...that's just a bridge too far for me. WAY too far.

Love Giles/Joyce!!! May have to write it one day!