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Quickie update - Still time to vote in the Absence of Light Awards

1) What the title says. *points upward* Voting closes for the Absence of Light Awards tonight, Friday the 15th*** at 5:30pm central time. Yep, I'm a nominee in the Drabble category, but there are stories in that cat - and in every category - that are much better. That deserve your love and attention.  That cry out for hugs and comfort.  So go forth and offer to these worthy authors a moment of complete happiness.  (No, not that way.  Ok, maybe that way....)

2) Pain levels are much lower today - maybe that acupuncture treatment helped after all? Perhaps in combination with the meds - any port in a storm will do.

3) A friend is taking me out to breakfast, yay!  It's a much-needed treat, and then I can return, refreshed, to complete that "Ted" meta I've been promising.  'cause breakfast makes everything better.

**Did somebody plan that or is that just an angsty coincidence?  Not that I'm superstitious or anything.
1) I can't wait to find out the results of Absence of Light. I wish you loads of luck in the drabble category. :)

2) Haza for reduced pain levels!

3) Even bigger haza for Breakfast!
Haza for reduced pain levels!

For a minute there I thought you were recommending some natural remedy I'd never heard of. (Or a middle-eastern spice blend.) The pain levels went back up pretty quickly; if I just stay in this chair in front of the computer, I'm good.